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Chicago Traveler Blog

See Chicago from Above in a Fantastic Helicopter Tour

04/18/2013 | by

Chicago is a city that is renowned for its stunning skyline architecture and picturesque location on the banks of Lake Michigan. As breathtaking as any tour around the Windy City is, imagine if that imagery was magnified and made even more beautiful to look at...

Headquarters Beercade Offers a Fun Twist on the Traditional Night Out in Chicago

04/16/2013 | by

Chicago is renowned for having some of the best nightlife in the country, and the Chicago Headquarters Beercade has quickly established itself as the go-to destination in Lakeview for a Windy City night out that combines creative and affordable drinks with fantastically fun free arcade games.

Weird Chicago Tours Offer a Fascinating Glimpse At the City’s Dark Side

03/28/2013 | by

Chicago is a city filled with fantastic tourist attractions and wonderful architecture, a beautiful skyline and delicious food. These are the things that many people enjoy seeing on the tours of Chicago, but the tourists that stick to the daytime tours of the top attractions are missing out on a huge part of Chicago's appeal.

The Playground Theater: A Top Chicago Comedy Venue

03/25/2013 | by

Chicago has a storied history of improvisation comedy groups making the Windy City their home. From lauded groups like Second City, to staples like the Annoyance Theatre and improvised musicals like Baby Wants Candy, aspiring comedians have always been drawn to Chicago for the wealth of opportunities to make an audience laugh out loud at some made-up on the spot material.

Questing For Shangri-La: A New Show at Chicago's Annoyance Theatre

03/21/2013 | by

The Annoyance Theatre is the Chicago destination for an evening that is guaranteed to be filled with humor and laughter. And guess what? They've got a new show coming out very soon!

Chicago Beer Experience Tours

03/20/2013 | by

If “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” then Chicago may just be heaven on earth. Right? There are tons of local breweries in Chicago, and if you haven’t been to Chicago for a tasting, chances are you’ve probably still had one, because they’re on tap at bars throughout the country. When you do come to Chi-Town though, trying a few of the local brews is a must.

Happy Birthday Chicago! Where to Celebrate a Birthday in Chicago, Yours or Chi-Town's

03/04/2013 | by

Yep, today Chicago turns 176 years old. Who would have guessed? There are birthday festivities going on throughout the town!

Which of the Chicago Boat Tours is Best for You?

02/26/2013 | by

Whether you're in the Windy City for the first time ever, or you're a regular in these parts, you can't go wrong spending a few hours spent on a boat tour! There are tours for everyone here, after all. First timers will enjoy the brunch cruises or high-speed boat tours that give you a great look at the city skyline and entertaining stories about the city's history and architecture.

Are You Ready for Baconfest 2013? Tickets Go on Sale Tomorrow!

02/19/2013 | by

When you come to Chicago, you come to eat, right? And every year, Baconfest Chicago is a great place to do that. Next to Taste of Chicago, Baconfest is one of our favorite foodie fests of the year!

Chicago According to Locals

01/23/2013 | by

When you're researching Chicago, getting ready to come here for the first time, looking for things to do, the best restaurants and events that will be happening while you're here, you might feel like you're not getting the whole story. Does it seem a little suspicious that everyone has the best food, the most comfortable beds, the most accommodating service according to their websites?