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Chicago Traveler Blog

Questing For Shangri-La: A New Show at Chicago's Annoyance Theatre

03/21/2013 | by

The Annoyance Theatre is the Chicago destination for an evening that is guaranteed to be filled with humor and laughter. And guess what? They've got a new show coming out very soon!

Chicago Beer Experience Tours

03/20/2013 | by

If “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” then Chicago may just be heaven on earth. Right? There are tons of local breweries in Chicago, and if you haven’t been to Chicago for a tasting, chances are you’ve probably still had one, because they’re on tap at bars throughout the country. When you do come to Chi-Town though, trying a few of the local brews is a must.

Happy Birthday Chicago! Where to Celebrate a Birthday in Chicago, Yours or Chi-Town's

03/04/2013 | by

Yep, today Chicago turns 176 years old. Who would have guessed? There are birthday festivities going on throughout the town!

Which of the Chicago Boat Tours is Best for You?

02/26/2013 | by

Whether you're in the Windy City for the first time ever, or you're a regular in these parts, you can't go wrong spending a few hours spent on a boat tour! There are tours for everyone here, after all. First timers will enjoy the brunch cruises or high-speed boat tours that give you a great look at the city skyline and entertaining stories about the city's history and architecture.

Are You Ready for Baconfest 2013? Tickets Go on Sale Tomorrow!

02/19/2013 | by

When you come to Chicago, you come to eat, right? And every year, Baconfest Chicago is a great place to do that. Next to Taste of Chicago, Baconfest is one of our favorite foodie fests of the year!

Chicago According to Locals

01/23/2013 | by

When you're researching Chicago, getting ready to come here for the first time, looking for things to do, the best restaurants and events that will be happening while you're here, you might feel like you're not getting the whole story. Does it seem a little suspicious that everyone has the best food, the most comfortable beds, the most accommodating service according to their websites?

Snows Days a Navy Pier - This Weekend in Chicago!

01/22/2013 | by

January is drawing to an end, but the last couple of days are going to be filled with tons of things to do in Chicago. One of those things to do is marvelling at massive ice sculptures during Snow Days at the famous Navy Pier. This is a family friendly activity for people of all ages, and best of all, it's completely free! Snow Days in Chicago 2013 is from January 25th to 27th.

Two Top Chicago Museums Will Raise Their Prices

01/18/2013 | by

The Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry have both received official permission to raise their price of admission by the Chicago Park District board. The museums are both located on Park District property, so the matter had to be voted on before the prices could officially be raised.

Both museums are now allowed to raise their admission price by 10%, which will mostly affect the out-of-state visitors coming to each museum.

The Art Institute of Chicago requested the increase in admission to cover the staff's raises and pay city bills (which were waived in previous years, but they are now required to pay themselves) like the water and sewer bill. The new prices at this Chicago museum are scheduled to go into effect on February 1, 2013.

New prices at the Art Institute:

Chicago Resident Seniors/Students - $12
Illinois Resident Seniors/Students - $14
Out-of-State Seniors - $17
Chicago Resident Adults - $18
Illinois Resident Adults - $20
Out-of-State Adults - $23

The Museum of Science and Industry is increasing their prices a little earlier, January 23, 2013.

New Prices at the Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago Residents - $15
Chicago Seniors - $14
Chicago Children (3-11) - $10
Non-Chicago Residents - $18
Non-Chicago Seniors - $17
Non-Chicago Children (3-11) - $11

Now is the time, more than ever, to take advantage of all the Chicago museum coupons like the Museum Campus Pass, or the Museum Pass, which saves Chicago travelers up to 26% on admission to some of Chicago's top museums and allow you to skip the line to get in!

What To Do on New Years Eve in Chicago!

12/17/2012 | by

Chicago is a great place to be for New Year's Eve! If you're in the mood for a classy evening and black tie festivities, The Signature Room at the 95th might be exactly what you're seeking. Lovebirds who want romance on the water can enjoy a champagne dinner cruise, complete with a fireworks show.

A Night of Sophistication Awaits

Romantic Date Ideas in Chicago This Winter

11/15/2012 | by

Many people travel to Chicago in the winter to get away for the holidays with their family, looking for fun things to do to keep the kids entertained, see the decorations of the big city and explore all the Chicago sights dusted in snow.  Who can blame you? This is a great time of year to visit Chicago!