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Another Famous Chicago Restaurant Bites the Dust

04/20/2012 | by

It seems like they’re dropping like flies lately! Restaurants in Chicago that is. The latest to bite the dust... Billy Goat Tavern?

Chicago’s New Tourism Goal: 50 Million Visitors a Year

04/13/2012 | by

If all goes according to plan, you can expect Chicago to be a very crowded city soon. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said that his goal is to get 50 million tourists a year to Chicago by 2020.

Did Someone say Vitameatavegamin? The ‘I Love Lucy’ Musical is Coming to Chicago this Fall!

03/21/2012 | by

Chicago’s about to love Lucy! “I Love Lucy Live on Stage” is coming to Chicago this fall, and we’re already looking forward to hearing, “Lucy! You got some 'splainin to do!”

Chicago’s Gonna Rock this Summer... 80’s Style

03/16/2012 | by

The 80’s are making a come back in Chicago! No, not in the form of big hair, leg warmers and parachute pants. More like in the form of rocking out with headbangers Broadway style.

The hit musical “Rock of Ages” is returning to Chicago for most of the summer and taking over the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place beginning June 5.

Almost Time to Dye that River Green... Nothin like St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago!

03/09/2012 | by

It must be the luck of the Irish, because this year St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday! Woohoo... Time to get our drink on! The only thing that could make it even better is if you’re lucky enough to spend it in Chicago.

Happy Birthday Chicago! Has it Been 175 Years Already?!

03/02/2012 | by

It’s time to celebrate! Chicago turns 175 on Sunday, March 4th! I think the proper term is... uhhhh demisemiseptcentennial???

The Field Museum’s New Exhibit Unwraps Mummy Past

02/27/2012 | by

They’ve sat untouched and unseen since the World’s Fair in Chicago back in 1893, and now 20 mummies have emerged from their crypts to be viewed by the world once again.

The Field Museum has just opened their latest exhibit, “Opening the Vaults: Mummies,” where they have used new technology on these mummies to analyze specimens from as far back as 5,500 years ago.

Bring on the Grub: Chicago Restaurant Week has Begun!

02/17/2012 | by

There’s just something about a mouth-watering meal that seems to bring out the best in all of us. So if you’re a fanatical foodie like we are, there’s no better time of the year in Chicago than the next 10 days.

Chicago’s Number One Hotel Rebrands Itself as Waldorf Astoria

02/09/2012 | by

It was just named “Number One Hotel in the United States” by Conde Nast Traveler and “Best Overall Hotel in the US” by Trip Advisor’s 2012 “Traveler’s Choice” awards, but that hasn’t stopped the Elysian Hotel from rebranding itself.

On Tuesday it officially changed its name to the Waldorf Astoria Chicago.

Where’s the Superbowl Party in Chicago at?

02/02/2012 | by

Superbowl Sunday: the day even non sports fans enjoy a good old fashioned game of football. It’s the day champions are made. And while Chicagoans don’t have a horse in the race this year, there’s still a lot of fun to be had in Chi-Town on Sunday.