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Chicago Traveler Blog

Chicago Ties for Most Top Rated Restaurants in North America

01/27/2012 | by

No surprise here: Chicago’s restaurants have been rated the best in North America. Tell us something we didn’t already know...

Get Excited: Chicago is Getting Yet Another New Hotel

01/20/2012 | by

New hotels just seem to be sprouting up all over Chicago lately. The newest addition rests in the tallest building in Lincoln Park. Its name: Hotel Lincoln.

Chicago will soon Become THE Place to Sleep with a Virgin (Hotel)

01/11/2012 | by

After starting up a bevy of booming business ventures, The Virgin Group has finally decided to get its feet wet in the hotel industry.

Guess what trendy town they plan on losing their virginity in? That’s right, the 41-year-old Virgin has decided on none other then the seductive city of Chicago!

Foodies are in Shock as Top Chicago Restaurant Announces Plans to Close

01/05/2012 | by

Foodies across Chicago are starting off the new year in a bit of confusion over the latest culinary casualty.

Chicago Drops Its "Second City" Slogan... and Changes It!

12/15/2011 | by

Unfortunately, this is no joke. It’s real, it’s random and it has taken us all by surprise. In an effort to re-brand the city, Chicago is doing away with its famous “Second City” slogan.

Think it’s too Cold Outside for Outdoor Activities? Think Again.

12/08/2011 | by

If you’re like us, you love any fun, physical activity that comes with being outdoors, so don’t let these bitter cold months keep you in hibernation. Try lacing up some skates and taking a spin on the ice at one of the best ice skating rinks in Chicago!

Groundbreaking New Museum to Open in Chicago

12/01/2011 | by

If there’s one thing Chicago’s not short on, it’s museums, but the latest addition to the Chicago museum scene promises to be the first of its kind.

2012 Michelin Stars Announced: Which Chicago Restaurant Ranked on Top?

11/16/2011 | by

The highly anticipated Michelin Guide Chicago 2012 went on sale Tuesday, and with only 400 restaurants worldwide receiving Michelin stars, 21 are in Chicago this year! So which restaurant ranked above the rest?

Chicago’s First Snowfall Reminds Us: It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

11/10/2011 | by

The holidays... Don’t they just seem to begin earlier and earlier every year? And although it didn’t really accummulate, Chicago’s first snowfall of the year yesterday reminded us that Chi-Town is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

The Whales Exhibit Closes in Two Months... Should you Rush to See It?

11/04/2011 | by

While it opened last May, it’s winter now and museum season is upon us, so many Chicagoans and tourists alike are just now making their way to the Field Museum to check out The Whales exhibition. We too finally made it to The Whales recently and our opinions are a little mixed...