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Chicago Traveler Blog

Things to do in Chicago When It's Raining

06/19/2014 | by

Everyone hopes for the best weather possible when you're on vacation, but when you plan your trip months (or weeks) in advance, you never know just how the weather is going to turn out!

Top Summer Attractions in Chicago

06/18/2014 | by

It’s always a good time to be in Chicago, but the summertime yields outside events and fun in the sun. Forget about winter and enjoy all of the outdoors attractions and the blooming gardens and parks.

Pack your bathing suit and cool off in the lake or in the famous fountain spouting water from its walls.

What to do when it's hot in Chicago - warm weather activities in the Windy City

05/27/2014 | by

Chicago welcomes thousands of visitors each year for a city that offers delicious eats and historic attractions.

What Are the Best Comedy Clubs in Chicago?

05/16/2014 | by

Visitors to Chicago can expect the very best in museums, entertainment, shopping and dining, and the level of quality comedic performances are no exception.

Chicago Chop House - The Tastiest Steak in the Windy City!

05/07/2014 | by

So what is the best steakhouse in Chicago, you ask? If you are looking for an old-school, traditional juicy steak cooked to perfection look no further than Chicago Chop House. Named by Chicago Magazine as one of the top 10 steakhouses, Chicago Chop House rarely disappoints the carnivores (and you know there are quite a few of them here) of the city.

Top Festivals 2014 in Chicago - Festival Season is Here!

04/30/2014 | by

Winter is FINALLY starting to wear off and warm up, which means festival season is upon us. We couldn’t be more ready. Bring in on, Chicago, from food festivals to parades! There is no better time than festival season in Chicago, so grab the kids and head to one the best upcoming celebrations the Windy City has to offer:

What to Do and Things to Do in Chicago this Spring 2014

04/14/2014 | by

Spring is a time of flowers, warmer weather (the Windy City is finally thawing out a bit), and incredible things to do outside. So leave the umbrella at the door and pack up those winter coats, because this spring is looks like a nice one! If you are wondering what to do in spring in Chicago look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Get Bottomless Mimosa Brunches in Chicago?

04/11/2014 | by

Chicago Travelers looking for the best place to get mimosas on vacation can be a bit overwhelmed by all the options. Wondering where to get bottomless mimosa brunches in Chicago? Look no further.

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about Chicago - Facts about Chicago

04/01/2014 | by

Whether you call the Windy City your home base, or you have never had the chance to explore the incredible streets of Chicago there is ALWAYS something new to learn. From a mysterious past to a fascinating present, Chicago is always surprising us and keeping us on our toes. Here are a few facts that you might not have known about the famous Windy City: