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If “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” then Chicago may just be heaven on earth. Right? There are tons of local breweries in Chicago, and if you haven’t been to Chicago for a tasting, chances are you’ve probably still had one, because they’re on tap at bars throughout the country. When you do come to Chi-Town though, trying a few of the local brews is a must. You can do so at the breweries, or in almost any of the bars around town. And if you enjoy beer as much as Chicagoans do, you’re not going to have a better time than on a beer tour in Chicago, and we happen to know just the one.

Chicago Beer Experience offers tours in Lincoln Park and Lakeview, Bucktown and Wicker Park - which are some of the best areas for travelers to hang out while they’re here. If you’re a fan of fun and you're someone who would enjoy a few beers while you experience the best of Chicago, you’ll really enjoy these tours.

We’re always telling you that walking tours are the way to go in Chicago, because there’s so much to see and learn about in the Windy City. Instead of wandering around, sightseeing in Chicago on your own and stumbling into what may or may not be a great bar, take a tour that will guide you to the best of the best.

Chicago Beer Experience Beer Tours visit several must-see spots in the city, including microbrewpubs, arcade bars, historic Chicago pubs, and a beer-and-bacon bar. Who can resist that? In between each destination, your tour guide will walk you through the neighborhood, pointing out some of Chicago’s best sights and filling you in with all the city’s secrets. In these tours, history meets beer in the best possible way, and you’re sure to have a great time, every time.

So which tour is right for you?

The Lakeview & Lincoln Park Tour

Just north of the Chicago Loop (the Downtown area for those not familiar with the term) is the Lakeview and Lincoln Park area. Many tourists enjoy spending time in these neighborhoods, which are filled with great dining, shopping, fun crowds, and of course, awesome bars. The Lakeview & Lincoln Park Beer Tasting and Bar Tour visits several of said bars, and in 3 hours you'll walk half a mile and taste enough beer samples that add up to about 4 full beers. Along the way, you’ll be exposed to Chicago’s history (most of which is beer related, our favorite topic!) dating back to 1833, exploring several different kinds of brews and how they’re made. Along the way, you'll stop inside each of the following venues:

  • An Irish Pub 
  • A beer-and-bacon bar for some delicious beer and bacon pairings. 
  • A specialty beer and wine store microbrewpub 
  • A punk rock bar. To some, this might not sound like the best place to be spending your vacation in Chicago, but this bar has been around since before Prohibition. It’s a classic venue filled with culture and good times.

The Bucktown & Wicker Park Tour

This tour explores this popular neighborhood that’s a little more inland that the prior area, but just as impressive and stimulating. This tour includes a little more walking, adding up to about a mile long total, which means more sightseeing in Chicago! You'll go even further back into Chicago's history on this tour, learning fun facts that date back to Chicago's role in immigration and beer in 1673, and even further back through the past 10,000 years in brewing. You’ll visit bars like:

  • A local favorite bar with a “killer beer list” 
  • A bar that pairs comfort food with great beer. Get your hands on a Chicago-style hot dog and a taste of chicken pot pie! 
  • A new bar with old school video games you don’t see around very often.

What you need to know

Lakeview and Lincoln Park tours generally run Thursdays - Sundays from 3-6pm
Bucktown & Wicker Park tours generally run Fridays and Saturdays from 3:30-6:30pm.
But you can always check the calendar to be sure... 

How much?
If you plan on drinking (which you definitely should if you ask me!) it’s $59.90 - this price includes a fun and unique tour of some of Chicago’s best neighborhoods and their greatest bars, beers from several breweries and a chance to mingle with other beer-loving Chicago Travelers. If you just want the tour, it’s $33.90. Either way, you’ll definitely find Chicago Beer Experience tours well worth you time and money. These people did...

Who is it for?
This tour comes highly recommended by people from Chicago and those that are visiting, whether it was the first time or their hundredth time in the city. Those looking to learn about Chicago and it's beer scene and sample several of the state’s best offerings will never regret an afternoon with the fun and knowledgeable Chicago Beer Experience tour guides. If you’re a beer enthusiast, or even if you just kind of like it, you’ll love all of the information and tastings you get on this tour.

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