Event Review : Taste of Chicago 2014


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2013 taste of Chicago. My experience.

Going in knowing what to expect makes the event extremely worthwhile! I bought two strips of tickets in advance at Dominick's for $7 each, and then one more strip at the event for $8 (12 tickets per strip). Take a water bottle with you! Got there this morning for the Eli's cheesecake opening ceremony. Watched contortionist, Chinese balancing acts, lots of intros, the Australian Bee Gees, speeches and photo ops, including a celeb from chicago fire...after 50 minutes we all received a free piece of cheesecake. Although hot and muggy waiting, cake was delicious!!

Next I moved on and got red beans and rice with jerk chicken from Vee Vees. Very good. Moist chicken, good flavor. A little watery.

Rainbow cone called my name next and I ordered the 5 ticket rainbow taste. This was a perfect sampling of 7 different flavors and was delicious.

After getting a bud light for 10 tickets, which was refreshingly cold, and some really yummy mustard fried catfish from BJs Market, I headed over to Dominick's Cooking Corner where I watched Rick Bayless, chef at Frontera Grill put on a very good demo for making guacamole and an accompanying cocktail. This was followed by Ted Allen of the Food Network show, Chopped, where two local chefs competed for $10,000 to be given to their favorite charity. Fun and excellent entertainment.

From there I got a crab Rangoon taste from the Noodle Vietnamese which was large, hot and very tasty. After this I went for a taste of spinach stuffed pizza from Bacino's of Lincoln Park. This was my favorite taste of the day. I ended with the chocolate frozen baby banana from the fudge pot, which I was very disappointed to see wasn't their creation but was a pre packaged banana made by Diana's Bananas. This was my least favorite taste of the day.

So, great day. Nice music. Some smelly people, but crowds not too bad. I left by 5:00 and it was beginning to get more crowded with lines. Before that, no problem at all.