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8fifty8: Everything you Ever Wanted in Chicago Nightlife

9/25/13 | by

Anyone in Chicago looking for the best night out on the town needs to make 8fifty8 the go- to spot. Chicago nightlife in general is pretty incredible, but 8fifty8 takes it to another level with events that cannot be missed. If you want to feel like a celebrity (and maybe even party with a few), than 8fifty8 is the place to be.

8fifty8 Chicago brags to be everything that you want in a nightclub: bringing the past, present and future of partying into one perfect package of nightlife. The events, staff, and amazing drinks have Chicago locals and visitors coming back for a second round.

One of a Kind Parties

The party planning staff over at 8fifty8 deserves to be celebrated. Each event screams originality and creativity. From tantalizing fashion shows to incredible theme parties, 8fifty8 is unlike any other nightclub in Chicago when it comes to events.

We doubt we are the only ones sick of nightlife becoming monotonous, so it’s a relief that finally someone is putting a little spunk into Chicago nightlife. Special events each weekend keep Chicagoans on their toes and having fun.

Guestlist and Tables

Make your night out unforgettable with a table reservation. Imagine walking into 8fifty8, past the line, sitting down with your girls (or guys), and getting VIP treatment. Bottle service is available, and we highly recommend making your night one to remember by making a table reservation.

Getting on the guestlist at 8fifty8 Chicago is not difficult, and makes going out easy. No need to hate those sky- high stilettos while standing in long lines. Get on the guest list and feel like you own the place.

Music and Atmosphere

Why is it that all nightclubs feel the need to play the same thing over and over, every night? Well, all except for 8fifty8 Chicago. If there were a Chicago nightlife University, we would chose 8fifty8 as the music professor. Incredible DJs and artists from all over makes every night at 8fifty8 unique.

The interior of 8fifty8 boasts pure class. With incredible chandeliers and mahogany colored accents, 8fifty8 makes guests feel like movie stars. Red velvet curtains can be closed to give tables more privacy. Everyone at 8fifty8 is unbelievably gorgeous, and dancers make the atmosphere of 8fifty8 exude style.

Things to Know

If you want to feel like a celebrity, you must dress like a celebrity. 8fifty8 doesn’t allow any sloppiness through the doors, so be sure to feel like a million bucks by dressing the part.

Special packages are available, so whether you are out celebrating a birthday, a bachelorette party, or just want to make the night one of a kind, be sure to contact 8fifty8 to find out about packages. And don't forget to get on the guestlist at 8fifty8,

858 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL 60607 - 1720