Alice in Wonderland Chicago

Alice in Wonderland Chicago

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  • Alice in Wonderland Chicago is a family friendly play geared toward kids aged 5-10.
  • The story of the play is based on Lewis Carroll's classic novel but in the Alice in Wonderland play Chicago the plot is all about how to solve problems.
  • See this classic play brought to life in a new and exciting way at the Apollo Theater in Lincoln Park!
  • Get your tickets fast, Alice in Wonderland at the Apollo Theater is only in town until December 29th and tickets are selling out!


Show Dates:
August 18, 2012 - December 29, 2012

Apollo Theater
2540 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60614
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Alice in Wonderland Chicago

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Family friendly fun that will take the whole audience down the rabbit hole!

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Features: Alice in Wonderland play Chicago follows the classic storyline - watch as Alice tumbles down a hole and discovers a crazy land full of funny creatures, exciting adventures and batty characters!

Why We Go: Alice in Wonderland at the Apollo Theater is a show the whole family will love and the Emerald City Theater actors do it justice! There are all sorts of characters that kids will fall in love with and that parents will love seeing on the stage again.

  • The Mad Hatter: This wacky character is well known to many and has been played by great actors including the renowned Johnny Depp. See Alex Seeley as the Mad Hatter in the Alice in Wonderland play Chicago and invite your kids to learn all about his crazy antics! Who knows, they might even be ready for a tea party by the time you get back to your hotel!
  • The Red Queen: Known for shouting "Off with her head!" at any possible moment, kids will love the over-the-top hilarity of the croquet match in Alice in Wonderland at the Apollo Theater Chicago.
  • The Cheshire Cat: This character gets the whole audience grinning a huge smile at his silly directions to Alice. Watch as she tries to figure out which of his riddles are important and which she should ignore.

Inside Knowledge: Alice in Wonderland family friendly show is geared toward the younger children, but the older ones - and parents - can enjoy it too! The classic novel brings up great problem solving issues that can be educational topics for the whole family to puzzle through.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Enjoy the Superb Costuming: Bright colors, beautiful shapes and an all-around feast for the eyes describe the costumes at the Alice in Wonderland play Chicago! Stay dazzled and entertained and keep an eye out for the caterpillar - he's about the size of three people so you can't miss him!
  • Do Talk Back: At the beginning of the play the characters will tell the audience to answer the questions they ask and you can encourage your kids to take part! This great Chicago play is a fun and interactive experience the whole family will love. 
  • Don't Expect Shakespeare: The play is a fun family-friendly event and thus is definitely geared toward a younger crowd. Kids will be delighted by the bright colors and fun adventure and adults will be entertained, too, but don't expect to be elevated to intellectual complexity here.
  • Don't Wait Too Long for Tickets: This show is one of the absolute best shows for children in Chicago so tickets are not guaranteed to be available. Make sure to book your seats in advance if you want to be sure to get a good part of the theater!