Tour Review : Chicago Cultural Center


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Amazing Structure and History

What a joy to discover this awesome building! Since I was a tourist and never heard of this place it was amazing to just walk in and see it. This place is a book lover's mecca. Sure the books are gone. The actual library collection was moved to the new building during the seventies. Nevertheless, this building will long stand in dedication to the venerable words that withstood the tests of time through 1897 when this structure was completed. Those who dedicated so much time and attention to creating this masterpiece of a structure clearly revered the written word. The words and authors they chose to inscribe throughout the building remind us that for long centuries libraries were the repositories of all of our best thoughts and traditions. They still are of course, but nearly every great book housed in a library has its counterpart on the Internet (most classics are free online now, as are encyclopedias, etc.). That so much amazing attention and craft was given to the creation and maintenance of this special structure clearly reflects a different focus on public works than many urge today. Amazing! Astonishing! Marvelous! Sublime! These are but a few words capable of describing this building. The fact that it is so amazing and yet common in its surroundings speaks well of Chicago which is truly a world class city. I realize that I appreciate this building more than most so forgive me for going on, but wow!