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City Hall County Building

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City Hall County Building

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  • The City Hall County Building sits just outside Lake Michigan, the 5th largest body of fresh water.
  • The Chicago City Hall County Building is home to a variety of important documents.
  • The Chicago City Hall Building is located centrally and is close to a variety of public transit.

121 N LaSalle Street
Chicago, IL 60602
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City Hall County Building

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Features: City Hall and the County Building is actually one building which serves two purposes and has two addresses. City Hall occupies the west half of the building with a LaSalle Street address and the east half is the County Building with a Clark Street Address. This building was constructed in the early 1900's and, as of 1982, is a designated Chicago landmark. The exterior is considered classical revival style and the building covers one city block.

Why We Go: People come from far and wide to go to the Chicago City Hall Building for a variety of reasons, most notably obtaining copies of important legal documents.

  • Marriage: Don't want a huge ceremony, just need the official documents, head down to the Chicago City Hall County Building for your certificates.
  • Official Documents: You'll be able to obtain your birth certificate and any other official paperwork you might need at Chicago City Hall County Building.
  • Historic Landmark: Let history come alive as you set foot in this community's City Hall County Building.

Inside Knowledge: Located in close proximity to Chicago public transit,  City Hall Chicago manages to occupy and entire city block.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Check Out the Art Work: Chicago City Hall Building is home to four relief  granite sculptures by John Flanagan.
  • Do Visit the Roof Top Garden: The City Hall County Building has a beautiful garden on its rooftop- check it out and enjoy.
  • Don't Take the Car: The City Hall County Building is located near a variety of public transit.
  • Don't Forget to do Your Research: There's a great deal of history as part of this landmark, the City Hall County Building.