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Mon.- Fri. 8:30am- 5pm

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Weekday Afternoons

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Open Year-Round

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Closed weekends

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Quick Facts

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago originally opened in 1922, and is 17 stories tall.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank Chicago has an informative and interactive Chicago museum on the first floor.
  • 45-minute guided tours of the Chicago Federal Reserve are free and are available to the general public. 

230 South La Salle St
Chicago, IL 60604
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Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

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Free Chicago Museum and Tour at This Chicago Landmark in The Loop

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Features: The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's landmark building at the corner of LaSalle and Jackson Streets in the city's financial district has a rich architectural history. The Bank building was completed in 1922. At the time of construction, the building was described in news stories as an architectural marvel, massively tall, completely modern, and technologically state of the art. The 17-story building had the largest vaults ever constructed at the time and an innovative intercommunication system wired throughout the building. In 1954, the Bank purchased two adjoining buildings, which were torn down to make room for a 16-story addition with 180,000 square feet of space, which was completed in 1960. The building underwent a major renovation in 1986. In 2001, a new Visitors Center was created. The Visitors Center offers an informative and interactive look at the important role of the Federal Reserve in maintaining a healthy, growing economy. The 5,600-square-foot space features a functional interplay of elliptical forms, curves, and diagonal walls to create a space that invites visitors to explore. 45-minute guided tours are offered. 

Why We Go: The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Museum Downtown has an entertaining and informative museum on the first floor with cool exhibits on the history of money, as well as plenty of great photo-ops to take home with you.

  • Free: The Chicago Federal Reserve visitor's center and museum is free for Chicago travelers, and kids and adults alike will enjoy their hands-on exhibits and photo-ops at this family friendly Chicago attraction
  • Old Currency: This exhibit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Museum displays past U.S. currency from as far back as the Civil War.
  • Chicago Landmark: A staple of The Loop in Downtown Chicago, the Federal Reserve Bank Chicago building is one of the most architecturally-sound buildings in Chicago, and its stern columns are inspired by the great buildings of ancient Roman.  

Inside Knowledge: When you enter the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, you'll have to go through metal detectors at security, and all bags will be checked. Pack lightly when you visit this favorite Chicago museum in The Loop

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Take the Tour: Chicago guided tours of the Federal Reserve Chicago are free to the public, but be sure to give them a call ahead of time to find out departure times on this Chicago museum tour.
  • Do Check Out the $1 Million Case: There is a glass case on display at the Federal Reserve Bank Chicago with $1 million in one dollar bills.  
  • Don't Forget Your Camera: Pop your head into the over-sized cardboard $100 bill on display, and get your picture in Benjamin Franklin's place for a great photo-op at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.
  • Don't Miss the Free $$$: Take home a couple hundred dollars of shredded money as a souvenir to show your friends, compliments of the Federal Reserve Bank Chicago.