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Mon - Fri: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, Sat: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Sun: Closed.

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Weekday mornings and afternoons.

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Lederman Science Center

Quick Facts

  • The Lederman Science Center is located inside the Fermilab building, a laboratory that specializes in high-energy particle physics.
  • There's more to the Lederman Science Center Chicago than just science. The Fermilab property is also home to a herd of American bison.
  • Unlike many Chicago attractions, admission to the Lederman Science Center is free.

1398 Pine St.
Batavia, IL 60510
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Lederman Science Center

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Physics is Brought to Life at the Lederman Science Center.

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Features: The Lederman Science Center, named for Nobel Laureate and former Fermilab Director, Leon M. Lederman, is located at Fermilab about 35 miles west of Chicago. Visit the Lederman Science Center to gain hands-on experience exploring how Fermilab physicists understand nature's secrets. The Center can accommodate groups of five or less on a walk-in basis. Larger groups must book a visit. 

Two sites are available for self-guided tours at Fermilab. First, guests are welcome to visit the "Quarks to Quasars" exhibit at the Leon M. Lederman Science Education Center just west of Wilson Hall on Pine Street. Here you'll gain hands-on experience as you experiment with various exhibits. Walk-in visitors can use the Visitor's Guide to explore more than 30 experiments. Second, the Margaret Pearson Interpretive Trail is a quarter mile self-guiding nature trail through a portion of Fermilab's restored prairie. It is located on the north side of the Pine Street exit of the site.

A two-hour guided tour for groups of 10 to 40 is available by appointment at the Lederman Science Center Chicago. 

Why We Go: The goal at the Lederman Science Center Chicago is to make science fun. Children are encouraged to think like scientists by using the same tools and techniques to discover more about the fascinating world of physics. 

  • Budget-Friendly: Admission to the Lederman Science Center Illinois is free, which makes it a great cheap Chicago attraction.
  • Hands-On Fun: The Lederman Science Center Chicago has several hands-on exhibits designed to make learning fun. The "Quarks to Quasars" game allows children to replicate the same methods that scientists use to smash particles together.

Inside Knowledge: Designed to make science fun for kids, the scientists at the Lederman Science Center in Chicago worked closely with teachers and educators to create exhibits to meet this goal. The result has been a great success. The Lederman Science Center exhibits are aimed at children K - 12, and are designed so that kids can be the scientists, developing hypotheses, recording their observations in log books, and making conclusions based on their research. 

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Ask Questions: Got a burning question that you just can't find the answer to? On the first Sunday of every month from 1pm - 4pm, the Lederman Science Center Chicago hosts its "Ask A Scientist" program where guests' questions are answered by the resident physicists.  
  • Do Enjoy Nature: The Lederman Science Center's prairie exhibit is the perfect place to learn more about the local fauna and flora. The center is also situated on a large open area that is home to a herd of American bison.
  • Don't Forget the Tour: The Lederman Science Center in Chicago offers free guided tours around the center every Wednesday. The tour is a great way to explore the center's many exhibits, and to gain new insight into the world of science. 
  • Don't Leave the Kids: Kids under the age of 14 need to be accompanied by an adult when visiting the Lederman Science Center Illinois.