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Museum of Broadcast Communications

Museum of Broadcasting Communications Chicago IL

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Special Exhibit open Mon.-Fri. 12pm-5pm

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Open All Year

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This attraction is currently closed and undergoing a relocation and renovations.

Museum of Broadcast Communications

Quick Facts

  • The Chicago Museum of Broadcasting is currently open Monday to Friday and has an Oprah exhibit in the lobby.
  • Admission to this historical archive is free.
  • The Museum of Broadcast Chicago is a Windy City landmark that is currently being renovated.

400 State Street
Chicago, IL 60610
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Museum of Broadcast Communications

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Features: The Museum of Broadcast Communications will be closed to the public until Spring 2007. The Museum is currently moving from the Chicago Cultural Center to a new home not yet announced. The new facility will include expanded archives and exhibit galleries, increased seminars and public events, a radio and television studio, a gift shop and a cafe. 

The Museum of Broadcast Communications opened to the public in 1987. Bruce DuMont, the well-known political commentator and radio show host, is the founder and president of the Museum. The Museum includes broadcast-related exhibits and archives from which you can request videotapes to view in carrels on the premises. The Museum includes costume memorabilia, a Sports Gallery and an advertising exhibit. The Museum is also home to the Radio Hall of Fame, which exhibit includes collectibles and recordings from old radio shows.

Why We Go: Chicago natives and visitors alike flock to the Museum of Broadcast Communications for a variety of reasons including free admission, extensive archives, and research.

  • Family Friendly: The Chicago Museum of Broadcast has no age restriction and serves as a great educational and fun family outing.
  • Historical Archive: With a mission to educate, preserve and present media knowledge/ television and radio history to the public, the Museum of Broadcasting Chicago maintains and offers its guests a giant collection of archival documents, films, and broadcasts.
  • Free Admission: Entrance to the Museum of Broadcasting Chicago is entirely free and donations are welcome.

Inside Knowledge: The Museum of Broadcast Chicago is currently moving from its original home in the Chicago cultural center to a new and improved and more green conscious building that will allow for exhibit expansions and larger seminar facilities.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Take Public Transit: The Museum of Broadcasting Chicago is located in close proximity to the Grand-Red Line station.
  • Do Research: Need archives for a project? Check out the historic documents and footage the Museum of Broadcasting Chicago keeps on hand. You're sure to find among the most extensive and thorough collections.
  • Don't Miss the Lobby Exhibit: The Chicago Museum of Broadcasting is currently open from 12pm-5pm Monday to Friday with a special Oprah exhibit. 
  • Don't Forget About Online Resources: Check out the online archives for the Chicago Museum of Broadcasting.