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  • Baby Wants Candy is a musical comedy experience unlike any other!
  • At the beginning of the show, the cast of Baby Wants Candy asks the audience for an idea for a new musical, and whichever title they hear first becomes the foundation for this improvised performance.
  • This improvisational group was founded in Chicago, and has performed over 2,000 completely made-up on the spot musicals.


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Apollo Theater
2540 N Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614
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Baby Wants Candy

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Baby Wants Candy is a musical-comedy delight that is unlike any other show in Chicago.

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North Side

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Features: Baby Wants Candy is a unique musical comedy experience that is completely improvised by the cast of comedy veterans. This group has included such hilarious members as Seth Myers and Rachel Dratch from Saturday Night Live, and Stephanie Weir and Nicole Parker from MadTV. Unlike many other shows in Chicago, Baby Wants Candy is here for an extended run, but that doesn't mean visitors should delay in booking their tickets online! This show has become known as one of the most reliably funny things to do in Chicago.

Why We Go: Baby Wants Candy may have a different topic for each performance, but a common theme tying each show together is the hilarious song and dance members that will have audience members in the Apollo Theater laughing and cheering.

  • Affordable Prices: Compared with other shows in Chicago, ticket prices for this musical are downright cheap, making this show a great option for any thrifty visitors to Chicago on a budget.
  • Laugh Out Loud Material: The ensemble cast are comedy pros who are guaranteed to improvise some funny material for the musical show.
  • Critical Acclaim: Just because Baby Wants Candy is a quirky improv comedy doesn't mean that critics don't love it. The Chicago Sun-Times enthusiastically described it as "hilarious and heartfelt," and the New York Times proclaimed that the show is "truly amazing!" and selected it as one of their prestigious critic picks.

Inside Knowledge: Not only has Baby Wants Candy staged hundreds of shows in Chicago and become known as one of the most consistently hilarious things to do in Chicago, but they've also traveled around the world improvising to sold-out crowds and delighting audience members in such far-off places as Edinburgh and Singapore.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do eat dinner beforehand: This Chicago show doesn't start until 10:30 pm, so eating dinner beforehand is a necessity! Good thing there are plenty of delectable dining options in the area.
  • Do order your tickets ahead: This is one of the more popular shows in Chicago, and performances are routinely sold-out, so it's wise to secure your ticket ahead of time!
  • Don't bring the kids: Baby Wants Candy starts at 10:30 pm and will make for a late night for any youngsters.
  • Don't worry about things to do in the area: There are tons of great things to do in Chicago, and many of them are located in the proximity of the Apollo Theater.