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  • A gripping play from acclaimed American playwright Amy Herzog, this deeply personal look at a couple of American expatriates attempting to start their lives over in Paris is a rich character study that will have audience members on the edge of their seat.
  • Set in the hip Paris neighborhood of Belleville, this unflinching look at Zack and Abby as the deal with the aftermath of a fateful encounter has been described as one of the best new plays of the year.
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Show Dates:
June 27 - Aug. 25, 2013

Steppenwolf Theatre

Chicago, Illinois 60614
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Belleville is a gripping play by Amy Herzog that looks at the unraveling marriage of two young expats living in Paris.

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Features: Belleville is an honest portrayal of a disintegrating marriage between two American expats living in Paris. With intelligent performances by leads Greg Keller and Maria Dizzia and gut-wrenching dialogue courtesy of playwright Amy Herzog, this absorbing play is a must-see while it is playing in Chicago.

Why We Go: Moving performances, a realistic portrayal of 20 something's trying to find themselves and a much buzzed about young playwright are among the reasons to check out Belleville during its brief run in Chicago.

  • Wonderful Acting: The actors completely embody the adrift expats living in Paris, with Maria Dizzia portraying Abbey, and Greg Keller doing a fantastic job at playing the laidback yet troubled Zack.
  • Realistic Plot: Tired of movies and plays with fantastical plots that have you rolling your eyes? Belleville couldn't be futher from the unrealistic Chicago entertainment that so often makes its way to audiences. Audience members will recognize aspects of their lives and personalities in what is depicted on the stage.
  • Acclaimed Playwright: Amy Herzog may be just 34 years old, but her brief dramatic career is already being buzzed about. Her previous works include After the Revolution and 4,000 Miles, both of which put her towards the top of a crop of exciting young American playwrights.

Inside Knowledge: Herzog won the 2012 Obie Award for best new American play for her previous work, 4,000 Miles.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do catch this drama while it's in town: Like other Chicago shows, Belleville is only in town for a short time, so definitely catch it before it's gone if you are a drama lover!
  • Don't forget to order tickets online: Since the show will only be playing for a short time, ordering tickets online to reserve a spot would be wise.