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Anytime you consider a tour, of any kind, you worry about the same few things. Am I overpaying? Will there be too much walking or will it be too short? Will it be entertaining? Or will it be boring and preachy? I know for myself, I was worried most about the amount of food. Would it be too much and make me sick during the walk? Would it not be enough for the price I paid? Would some of it not be appealing? You can trust me when I say that none of these things were an issue. First and foremost, it was the perfect amount of food. The stops are carefully spaced throughout the tour as to allow for adequate digestion, but never letting you grow hungry. And the food was unique but had a universal appeal as to not alienate anyones palette. Im literally still craving food from the tour, months ago. You quickly realize that the price of this tour is nothing in comparison to the amount and quality of the food you eat. And we not only got a tour of the food, but the city as well which kept an interesting tone throughout the whole trip with the perfect amount of walking for any stamina. Our guide was super friendly, effervescent, and knowledgable about all the right things. She was also eager to answer any of our questions. I've never been more impressed with a tour, in any city. My only recommendation is that you take the tour as soon as possible, within the first day or two of your trip for those who are visiting. It's better to get to know the city and food in the beginning so you can avoid the familiar guessing games and trial-and-error of finding places to eat and visit in a new city. Even if you're coming to Chicago to stay with relatives, the tour is a great idea because I promise you, they don't know the food scene as well as Chicago Food Planet. Which is why this tour is also great even for Chicago natives and residents. Sometimes a fresh perspective is all you need to fall in love with your own city all over again.