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The Best Sports Bars in Chicago for Football Fans

10/1/18 | by

Well, it's football season again America. We know that all of you from down South that planned a trip to the Windy City still need to get your fix - the boys don't stop playing just because we had to see the Bean and eat some pizza, do they? So what you're going to need is a sports bar in Chicago!

Chicagoans loves their sports, so there are plenty of great sports bars to choose from - so we decided to make up a little list of all the best sports bars to go to to watch your favorite teams! There's a bar in Chicago that supports every college football team and every NFL team, so if you want to cheer along with your fellow 'Bama fans or the few other Buccaneer fans out there (hey, maybe you'll meet some...) you can!

There are plenty of people that want to spend their weekends at the bar with you, watching their favorite sports, drinking beers and eating wings. Here are where you can find your true friends - in the sports bars of Chicago that cherish your favorite football teams!

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First things first... Our top Sports Bars in Chicago
Before we tell you who is who, for those of you looking for any sports bar in Chicago playing the game and serving cold beer.

  • Will's Northwoods Inn (Lakeview) - They've got great daily specials all week long, cheap pints on Saturdays, and the breakfast at 9:30am and drink specials on Sundays don't hurt either. A great beer selection and tons of events make this a great bar even when there isn't a game on. 
  • Michael's Pizzeria and Sports Pub (Uptown) - Cheap Miller Lite, Bud and (God-forbid) Bud Light Pints and pitchers on Sundays make this a clear choice on NFL gamedays. Free WiFI, 30 TVs and one big screen and even video games to keep us company during commercials! If you come with the sports team that you're a part of you get their Sunday game day specials every day of the week!

College Football Bars

  • Virginia Tech: Crossroads, Kincades
  • Villanova: Sedgwick's
  • Vanderbilt: Zella
  • UCLA Bruins: Lions Head Pub 
  • Texas A&M: Lion's Head Pub, Pony
  • Texas Longhorns: Brownstone, Cortland's Garage, Crew Bar and Grill, Field House, Stanley's
  • Ohio State: Casey Moran's, Gaslight Bar and Grills, LaSalle Power Co., McGee's, Mickey's, Mystic Celt, O'Donovan's, Vaughan's Pub
  • Notre Dame: Blarney Stone, Citizen Bar, District Bar, Halligan Bar, O'Donovan's, Racine Plumbing, Temple Bar, Wrightwood Tap, O'Shaughnessy's (and all the other heavily Irish named bars that we can barely spell)
  • Northwester: Gamekeeper's, Goose Island Clybourn and Purple Haze
  • NC State Wolfpack: Sheffield's
  • UNC Tarheels: Gamekeepers and Mad River
  • Michigan: Dark Horse, Duffy's, Matilda, Mary's Rec Room, Newport Bar and Grill 
  • LSU Tigers: Gamekeeper's
  • Georgia Bulldogs: Joe's on Weed St. 
  • Georgia Tech: Red Ivy
  • Florida Gators: Jack's Bar and Grill, Joe's on Weed St, Sully's
  • Duke: Sedgwick's
  • Auburn: Joe's on Weed St. and Mary's Rec Room
  • Arkansas: Gamekeeper's
  • Alabama: Houndstooth Saloon

Chicago Sunday Ticket Bars

  • 42 degrees N Latitude
  • Bird's Nest
  • Brownstone
  • Cinner's
  • Cortland Garage
  • Crew Bar and Grill
  • D'Agostino's Pizza and Pub
  • Fearon's
  • Finley Dunnes Tavern
  • Gamekeepers
  • G-Cue Billiards
  • Globe Pub
  • Hilligan Bar
  • Hamburger Mary's Rec Room
  • Jake Melnick's Corner Tap
  • Joe's on Weed St.
  • Lawlor's Bar
  • Lincoln Tap Room
  • Newport Bar and Grill
  • Michael's Pizzeria and Sports Pub
  • Mother Hubbard's
  • Pitchfork Saloon
  • Racine Plumbing Bar and Grill
  • Rebel Bar and Grill
  • Wild Goose Bar and Grill
  • Will's Northwoods Inn

NFL Team Bars in Chicago

  • Chicago Bears - It's a cryin' shame if you can't find a Bear's bar on your own in this city
  • 49ers: Red Brick Chicago
  • Bengals: Cinners, Kelsey's and Kendall's
  • Bills: Lincoln Station and Delilah's
  • Broncos: Riverview Tavern
  • Browns: Buffalo Wild Wings, Cubby Bear, Field House, Hidden Shamrock, Mickey's, Red Ivy
  • Chargers: Dram Shop and Avenue Ale House
  • Colts: Mullen's Wrigleyville, Four Shadows, Rockwood, Union Tavern
  • Cowboys: Houndstooth Saloon and Brownstone
  • NY Giants: Bad Dog Tavern, Racine Plumbing Bar and Grill, Trinity Bar and Red Ivy
  • NY Jets: Butch McGuire's and Rebel Bar and Grill 
  • Lions: Hi-Tops, O'Malley's West and Tin Lizzie
  • Packers: Gold Star Bar, Kroll's South Loop, The Spot, Waterhouse Tavern and Grill, and Will's Northwoods
  • Patriots: Brandan's, Hidden Shamrock, Kasey's Tavern and Tripoli Tap
  • Saints: Fizz Bar, The Pitch, Gamekeepers Tavern and Grill, and Grill and Temple Bar 
  • Steelers: Dark Horse, Durkin's, Joe's on Weed St., Lincoln Tap Room, Lucky's

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