10 Reasons We Love Baseball Season in Chicago

9/4/14 | by

Spring is here, and with that brings America’s favorite past time! Chicago is lucky because we get not one, but two baseball teams to cheer on every baseball season. Of course, most people don’t cheer for the White Sox and the Cubs, but we get double the action all season long, and two teams bring in more Chicago Travelers than just one would!

A Local Beer Guide for Chicago: The Best Chicago Breweries to Try on Your Trip

8/14/14 | by

Beer, yum, am I right?

Chicago Craft Beer Week May 2013: Where to Go and What Not to Miss

5/2/13 | by

Drink up Chicago, it's time for Craft Beer Week 2013!

Chicago Craft Beer Week runs from May 16 - 26, 2013.

Chicago Beer Experience Tours

3/20/13 | by

If “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” then Chicago may just be heaven on earth. Right? There are tons of local breweries in Chicago, and if you haven’t been to Chicago for a tasting, chances are you’ve probably still had one, because they’re on tap at bars throughout the country. When you do come to Chi-Town though, trying a few of the local brews is a must.

Happy Birthday Chicago! Where to Celebrate a Birthday in Chicago, Yours or Chi-Town's

3/4/13 | by

Yep, today Chicago turns 176 years old. Who would have guessed? There are birthday festivities going on throughout the town!