Best Museums in Chicago

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Chicago is one of the most historically rich cities in America and its wide variety of museums reflect that! Chicago museums are a reliable year-round way to enjoy this great city on your next vacation.

Things to do in Chicago When It's Raining

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Everyone hopes for the best weather possible when you're on vacation, but when you plan your trip months (or weeks) in advance, you never know just how the weather is going to turn out!

Two Top Chicago Museums Will Raise Their Prices

1/18/13 | by

The Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry have both received official permission to raise their price of admission by the Chicago Park District board. The museums are both located on Park District property, so the matter had to be voted on before the prices could officially be raised.

Both museums are now allowed to raise their admission price by 10%, which will mostly affect the out-of-state visitors coming to each museum.

The Art Institute of Chicago requested the increase in admission to cover the staff's raises and pay city bills (which were waived in previous years, but they are now required to pay themselves) like the water and sewer bill. The new prices at this Chicago museum are scheduled to go into effect on February 1, 2013.

New prices at the Art Institute:

Chicago Resident Seniors/Students - $12
Illinois Resident Seniors/Students - $14
Out-of-State Seniors - $17
Chicago Resident Adults - $18
Illinois Resident Adults - $20
Out-of-State Adults - $23

The Museum of Science and Industry is increasing their prices a little earlier, January 23, 2013.

New Prices at the Museum of Science and Industry

Chicago Residents - $15
Chicago Seniors - $14
Chicago Children (3-11) - $10
Non-Chicago Residents - $18
Non-Chicago Seniors - $17
Non-Chicago Children (3-11) - $11

Now is the time, more than ever, to take advantage of all the Chicago museum coupons like the Museum Campus Pass, or the Museum Pass, which saves Chicago travelers up to 26% on admission to some of Chicago's top museums and allow you to skip the line to get in!

What's Happening on Magnificent Mile Right Now?

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Alright, we know that saying "what's hot" died in the 90's along with spikey bleach blonde hair (unfortunately) but, despite the drop in temperatures, things never cool down on Magnificent Mile in Chicago.