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Chicago’s Gonna Rock this Summer... 80’s Style

3/16/12 | by

The 80’s are making a come back in Chicago! No, not in the form of big hair, leg warmers and parachute pants. More like in the form of rocking out with headbangers Broadway style.

The hit musical “Rock of Ages” is returning to Chicago for most of the summer and taking over the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place beginning June 5.

The last time this popular musical was in town was just for a brief eight show run back in November. The Broadway show was a hit in Chicago back then, so they expect this longer engagement to really draw in the crowds.

Tickets actually just went on sale Wednesday, and now would be the time to buy.

If you haven’t yet heard of “Rock of Ages,” just wait. The film version based on the show is slated to open June 15, and none other then Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones will be staring in it. We don’t know if the film will be any good, but considering Cruise is the star, we expect the publicity for it to be all in our face.

With that said, we’re guessing this show will be sold out this summer, so be sure to book your tickets early. You can actually book tickets directly through Chicago Traveler here.

The plot line of “Rock of Ages” is somewhat of a ‘boy meets girl on the Sunset Strip’ type storyline, but pretty much just expect to see 80’s glam at its finest while giving tribute to some of the best music of the 80’s including songs from Journey, Twisted Sister, Pat Benatar and Poison. Basically, if you loved the 80’s, you’ll love “Rock of Ages”. Oh, and don’t be afraid to puff up your hair and bust out your zebra-print pants for the show. I mean, how often does an event come along where that’s acceptable?

“Rock of Ages” will be playing in Chicago for a nine-week run from June 5 to August 5.