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12 South Michigan Ave
Chicago , US
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South Side

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The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel transports you into a bygone era!

Best Feature: Historic Building

Nearest Transit: Grand (Red) State/Lake (Orange, Brown, Purple Express, Green, Pink) Clark/Lake (Pink, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple Express, Orange)

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  • Check-in at 3pm
  • High-Speed Internet
  • On-Site Restaurant
  • On-Site Bar
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  • 241 Rooms
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  • Business Center
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Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Chicago Athletic Association Hotel Events

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Chicago Athletic Association Hotel

Features:  Boasting 241 guest rooms, an exclusive rooftop bar area and a game room that recalls the building's respected past as a home of athletic excellence, the Chicago Athletic Hotel seeks to provide a comprehensive accommodation experience for its guests. Recalling the simple pleasures of yesteryear, the game room features such historic favorites as bocce, darts, chess, billiards and other games of skill. Guests to the rooftop bar can expect an enticing mix of historic cocktails made with a fresh, modern twist. 

The hotel also features two restaurants, the Shake Shack located on its street level and a Land & Sea Dept restaurant on the second floor. Shake Shack has long enticed its fans with delicious burgers and custard-based frozen shakes, beef hot dogs and a range of hand-picked beers and wines. Land & Sea Dept's menu offerings are still a closely guarded secret, but visitors can expect innovative food offerings that play off of the unique history of the hotel from this beloved Chicago restaurateur.

Guest rooms provide an intimate space that combines masterful use of color with the addition of antique fixtures to create a warm, cozy retreat from the modern hustle and bustle of the city. All the modern conveniences are at a guest's fingertips, from an array of channels on the HDTV to Wi-Fi to a well-stocked minibar. Casual seating areas allow for the leisurely reading of a book or time to daydream while looking out over the impressive skyline. 

Why We Stay:  

  • Experience: Travelers seeking a one of a kind experience that transforms a hotel stay into an aesthetic journey that spans decades will revel in the period styling and exemplary attention to detail.
  • Unique Setting: Evoking the era of Al Capone and John Dillinger in its early 19th century furnishings and service oriented sensibility, the Chicago Athletic Hotel aims to provide guests with a memorable and unique setting that provides more than simple accommodation, but instead offers a lifestyle. 
  • Location: The hotel is also centrally placed on Michigan Avenue, enjoying a convenient location that also benefits from its views over Lake Michigan and lovely green spaces such as nearby Grant Park.

Inside Knowledge: 

 Constructed in 1893, the hotel served as a site for the Chicago Athletic Club, an institution housing some of Chicago's earliest sports teams. The building once housed a beautiful indoor pool and extensive training facilities. Designed by architect Henry Ives Cobb, the building echoes the Doges Palace in Venice and was meant to provide a visually stunning profile that could be seen from the waterfront. Rather than remove the period touches that set this remarkable building apart from its modern-day counterparts, architects at Hartshorne Plunkard restored its ornate carvings, sweeping marble staircase and stained glass windows to be enjoyed by an entirely new generation of visitors to this beautiful building. 

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do take time to enjoy the rich details of the building's design, from the ornate wood carvings in the ballroom to the repurposed gym ladders in the guest rooms that double as unique storage pieces.
  • Don't expect the ordinary from this hotel stay.
  • Don't miss the view over Lake Michigan from the rooftop bar. 
  • Do play a game of billiards or chess in the restored Game Room.
  • Don't leave without having a milkshake at the Shake Shack.
  • Do expect the hotel's friendly staff to accommodate virtually any request. 

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