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Chicago Bears Season 2012

8/8/12 | by

It feels like it's been ages since we've actually been able to see our favorite NFL team (the Bears!!) in a match. That's why we're so stoked that the Preseason Opener 2012 is this Thursday, August 9th, and then just a month away the Season Opener itself will take place September 9th!

The Monsters of the Midway will take the field against the Denver Broncos for the Preseason Opener and we can't wait to finally see them in a match. The Bears have a proven strong defense and its up to this game for them to show off their flashy new offense that includes Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

While the preseason matches are all well and good, what we truly can't wait for is the Season Opener where the Bears will take on the Indianapolis Colts. Just as you might expect from such an awesome NFL team as the Bears, we're pretty sure the Colts will be completely left in the dust. Not only are the Bears a much stronger team with a long history of winning and some really great players on this year's roster, but the Colts also have the disadvantage of playing in the Bears' home town with a huge crowd of fanatic Chicagoans screaming from the stands. Not to mention that the last year the Colts gave their worst showing since 1991. It's almost a stacked deck!

The Season Opener is a Chicago event that is not to be missed. It's one thing to watch a football team on your home TV set where no matter how loud you yell no one will hear you and quite another to cheer on the Bears with 60,000 other fans screaming just as loudly as you are. Start the day out right with an epic tailgate party and make sure to wear your blue and orange! Make sure to get your tickets early as they are already selling out quickly. Third party ticket sales are really your best bet if you want to enjoy this exciting Chicago tradition.

Whether or not you can make it to the opener, catching a Bears game is a great reason to take a trip to Chicago. Here are some key things to keep in mind about the Bears for this season of NFL.

  1. NFL.Com's 3 Key Moments: has published a 2012 schedule analysis that points out the three key moments for the Bears this season. Namely, Week 2 against the Packers (obviously!), Week 13 against the Seahawks and Week 17 against the Lions. With a reputation for losing against these three teams, the Bears will have a lot to prove at these matches!
  2. Injuries and Suspensions: Not only are some key players such as DeMario Pressley and Jabara Williams out for the count because of injuries, but it is also important to note that defensive tackle Nate Collins has been suspended because of substance abuse violations. Right now his suspension only takes him out of the Colts game, but it's worth keeping an eye on how that plays out in the future.
  3. The Urlacher Question: Brian Urlacher is well known as one of the Bears top players but he has mysteriously been absent from six practices. Urlacher is not going to play in the Preseason Opener with the Broncos, so we'll all just cross our fingers we'll get to see him again once the season really starts.
  4. Last Year's Excitement: The Bears ran over 2,000 yards last year - only the second time they've done this from 1990. Not only that, but they had an epic five-game streak with Jay Cutler in the lead and this year Cutler pairs up with number one receiver Brandon Marshall. Matt Forte is back with a passion and even if anything does happen, Michael Bush is an excellent back up. Critics are saying the offensive line will be even better this year!

Bears fans all over the country are getting excited and the buzz is almost deafening in Chicago itself. We're all gearing up for the season of our lives and we can't wait for it to get started! The home games in Chicago are going to be the best of them all because - let's face it - there's nothing better than playing with a home crowd cheering you on. Make sure you snap up your tickets fast and check out Chicago hotels in the area before they're all booked. If you're wondering more about Soldier Field or the area surrounding it, check out our Chicago Bears map.

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