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Chicago Blues City Tour

Chicago Blues City Tour

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90 minutes

When to Go:
Year Round Tours

Tour Highlights:
Take a coach tour following the history of Chicago blues music!

Age Restriction:
All ages welcome.

Quick Facts

  • The Chicago Blues City Tour highlights some of the most influential parts of the city that helped sculpt the Chicago blues music scene!
  • The Blues Brothers were extremely influential in this city, and you'll learn all about the role they played, and where in Chicago they played it!
  • Tour the city and several top neighborhoods in a luxury tour coach!

Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60601
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Chicago Blues City Tour

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See some of the places that made Chicago's blues music scene what it is today - and what it used to be as well!

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The Loop

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Features: Explore the city of Chicago and get deep into the blues music that sculpted this city's music scene into what it is today! From famous musicians who have come in the city to famous music venues where blues music made its mark, these Chicago tours hit all the right notes!

Why We Go: Many Chicago Travelers consider tours to be one of the best things to do in Chicago, and this tour shows you a world of Chicago that you don't get on most of the tours in the city!

  • See the Blues Neighborhoods: Your luxury bus will take you all over the city, from the Loop to Bronzeville and several other neighborhoods where blues music has been a prominent part of Chicago! You'll see historic landmarks in each spot, like Chess Records and the House of Blues!
  • Chicago Blues Brothers: The Blues Brothers played a huge role in Chicago's Blues scene, but you'll also watch clips on the bus of performances, as you pass by many of the places these performances took place! Talk about a walk through history!
  • Not Your Average Tour: Many of Chicago tours are cool, but for the most part, are all the same. This is a tour of the city like no other! You'll see many of the top Chicago attractions along the way, but you're learning about a different kind of history that shaped an important part of Chicago - blues music!

Inside Knowledge: The Blues Brothers movie shows more of the real Chicago (rather than a bunch of special effects and green screens) than any film ever has! Many of the things that happened in this movie can never possibly happen again, like the invasion that takes place in Daley Plaza, so you'll just have to enjoy the clips as they're played and try to imagine as you pass by the real thing!

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Get Comfortable: This shouldn't be hard to do! These Chicago tours take you around the city on a luxury coach, so you don't have to stand Chicago's temperamental weather, or stand at all! Get cozy in your seat and enjoy the ride!
  • Do Watch the Clips: As these Chicago tours go along, your tour guide will play clips from The Blues Brothers as you pass the places in town that the movie was filmed and will also play clips from SNL, where the band got it's start!
  • Don't Miss Any Music: After the tour is over, you'll know about some of Chicago's famous historical music venues, but be sure to check out one of the concerts in Chicago that's happening while you're there to get even more music in on your trip!
  • Don't Forget to Snap Some Pics: As you ride around Chicago, take pictures of all the famous attractions you'll pass by, the ones that the tour highlights and all the rest! This is a great way to see everything the city has to offer!