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Chicago Chocolate Tours: A Great Way to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth in Chicago

5/1/13 | by

For a unique activity for your next trip to the Windy City, Chicago Chocolate Tours offer fantastic tours that will not only solve your sweet craving, but provide a fun way to learn about the history of this delicacy and its place in this city's food landscape.

Throughout the year and on every occasion, you can enjoy the city's most decadent offerings - the chocolate! These tours are perfect for couples, parties, groups of family or friends and the "just-because-we-love-chocolate" travelers. When it comes to choosing a food tour in Chicago, these Chocolate Tours are a must!

About the Company
Chicago Chocolate Tours was founded by Valerie Beck, a Chicago native and a law school graduate, who decided to fuse her passion for chocolate and her knack for entrepreneurship into a fun tour she could share with her fellow Chicagoans. She was inspired to carry out this idea when she was assembling a chocolate box for her mother, and she realized how many fantastic chocolate shops are in Chicago. The next time a friend came to visit, she took them on her very first Chicago Chocolate tour, with samples and taste-testing galore at some of the most mouth-watering destinations in the Windy City. Additional tours soon followed suit, until Valerie was able to expand her business and offer tours of Philadelphia, Boston and the small Illinois town of Geneva.

About the Tours

All of the wonderful tours offered by Chicago Chocolate tours last around two and a half to three hours, and consist of sampling and trying some of the most delicious chocolate truffles, gelato, cupcakes and other baked goods in the city. Some of these locations are beloved Chicago staples, while others are hidden gems that the team at Chicago Chocolate Tours will be happy to reveal to you. Not only will guests get to try a variety of scrumptious chocolate delicacies, they learn about the culinary history of Chicago and the fabled world history of chocolate through the ages, while also taking time to admire the gorgeous Chicago architecture that adorns the city skyline.

Different Tour Routes Available

Chicago Chocolate Tours offer three routes which include several different destinations. The stores on each route can vary depending on the day of the week, but here's what you can expect for the most part.

The Downtown Loop Tour
Sample some of the most delectable chocolate desserts in the bustling Loop neighborhood, including Katherine Anne Confections at the farmer’s market, Artisan Chocolates at Fannie May and more. Your enthusiastic tour guide will lead you to several stops in the old Marshall Field’s Macy’s building, so this is a safe bet if the weather is inclement or you’d simply prefer the majority of the tour to take place indoors. The walking level is easy, so there is no need to be apprehensive about participating if you are more excited about the chocolate than the walking element of the tour. 

Magnificent Mile and Gold Coast Tour

Stroll through the boutique and high-end shops, and stop for taste tests at Teuscher Chocolates, the legendary Sprinkles Cupcakes and Hendrickx Bread Crafters - a stop that is often mentioned as a favorite by those who have been on the tour. The tasty smells wafting through this bakery almost make the tour worth going on all on its own.
The walking level of this tour is also classified as easy, so don’t be deterred from participating if you are worried about the walking component.

Lakeview Tour
In addition to the Downtown Loop and Magnificent Mile tour, Chicago Chocolate Tours also offers a luscious Lakeview tour with some stops you're not going to want to miss! The Bobtail Ice Cream Company is famous in these parts, and luckily one of the stops along the Lakeview route. They have a few staple ice creams, as well as a rotating cast of special flavors to sample. Afterwards, head to a pop-up shop at Spare Parts from a Chicago Chocolate Tours visiting Chocolatier! The tour isn't over until you've also enjoyed delicious pastries from the LooseLeaf Lounge and sampled the delicacies at KC Chocolatier.

Hot Chocolate Tour
This is a fantastic way to warm up in the temperatures of the harsh Midwest winter, while sipping on rich hot chocolate from local chocolatiers and chefs. Unlike the other Chicago Chocolate Tours, this one is not a walking tour. Instead, guests are transported to and from each location in a heated mini-bus to take into account the freezing winter usually characteristic of Chicago winters. Stop for hot chocolate at such standout destinations as Bar Toma, TipsyCake and KC Chocolatier. This tour is purely seasonal, so winter travelers should take advantage of it while they can!

Who Likes Chicago Chocolate Tours?

Who doesn't? These tours are perfect for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, a romantic date or dedicated Chocoholics looking to sample the best examples of the of chocolate the city has to offer, Chicago Chocolate Tours are an excellent way to satisfy that sweet tooth while taking in some of the sights of the Windy City.

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