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Chicago Chop House - The Tastiest Steak in the Windy City!

5/7/14 | by

So what is the best steakhouse in Chicago, you ask? If you are looking for an old-school, traditional juicy steak cooked to perfection look no further than Chicago Chop House. Named by Chicago Magazine as one of the top 10 steakhouses, Chicago Chop House rarely disappoints the carnivores (and you know there are quite a few of them here) of the city. If you call yourself an avid steak lover you are surely familiar with Mishima beef - savory and tender cuts only served at a few restaurants in the Windy City.

Why do we love Chicago Chop House?

Besides the fact that they serve us some of the most succulent steaks and fine wines to pair? Well, if you really need more of a reason than that you may also note that they have exceptional service and great location in the heart of Chicago. And if all of that doesn’t impress you, you should probably hit the road, because Chicago Chop House is a tradition in the Windy City.

What is Mishima beef?

Okay - so we were kidding before about Mishima beef, it’s a rather obscure kind of meat originating on a small island (Mishima Island, to be exact), in Japan. So what is so special about it? Well, for one, Mishima cattle has never been cross-bred with Western cattle, and Mishima beef is known to be extraordinarily tasty, and extremely tender. Chicago Chop house is one of the few restaurants in the area to carry this abnormally flavorful meat, and they surely do it best!

What about the wine?

What’s a good steakhouse without good wine? Not much. Good think Chicago Chop House has an impressive selection of wines from all corners of the world. Taste a Chilean cabernet, or a french chardonnay. Ask your waiter which wine will pair well with what steak, or which dessert.

What else?

Juicy steak is one thing we know we love, but what about the rest of the treats at Chicago Chop House? If you are a herbivore stuck with a pack of lions you will be pleased to hear about the delicious greens at Chicago Chop House. From organic mixed greens to a classic Caesar salad, Chicago Chop House does not disappoint. Or enjoy fresh fish and incredible lobster or crab to satisfy that seafood taste bud.


60 West Ontario Street
Chicago, IL

phone: 312.787.7100