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Chicago Events September 2012 | Things to do in Chicago this September

8/27/12 | by

September really does it right by starting off the month with a holiday, and for that we are grateful! Fortunately for everyone though, this month is not stopping there with the festivities and activities - especially not in the Windy City. You can enjoy tons of things to do in Chicago this September, starting with Labor Day activities and ending strong with some fun foodie fests. When is it a bad time to eat in Chicago? Never. Especially not this month!

As we've already told you, there are plenty of things to do while you're in Chicago for Labor Day. Make your way around the (free) Jazz Festival, grub out at some of the ethnic food festivals or enjoy music of all kinds at the North Coast Music Festival. Whatever you do, you're sure to be entertained.

After Labor Day weekend, Chicago seems to be focused on pleasing the beer drinkers. We They need some new and exciting things to do too, right?

Boozing in Chicago This September

  • The Berghoff Oktoberfest, date is yet to be determined.
  • Fatpour Tap Works is opening Friday September 14! This will be another great place to kick back with a beer or 10 (they have over 200 beers - 50 on tap - go crazy!) and watch a game. This could very well become one of our favorite sports bars in Chicago, they will surely be a home to all the Wisconsin Badgers fans out there! Head over to Wicker Park for their grand opening with half price appetizers from 4-6pm, live music and drink specials.
  • Pedestrian Playground, also in Wicker Park, 
  • Guiness Oyster Fest (Sept. 15-16)
  • Oktoberfest Chicago (Sept. 28-30)
  • All the above are great excuses to pound a few beers with like-minded Chicago Travelers. 
  • Chuck's Fest 2012 is a 3-day festival from September 7-9 where you can try over 100 different beers, (if you try all 100, well... we don't recommend that, although after about 8 you might feel like you tried them all) live entertainment all weekend long and the famous fixin's of Chuck's Southern Comfort's Cafe. Cajun, Mexican, BBQ and desserts provide a feast unlike any you've had before!

Eating in Chicago This September

  • Chicago Gourmet 2012: While people flock to the city to dine at the Taste of Chicago every year, Chicago Gourmet is kind of like an upscale version that is just as noteworthy. Over 100 of Chicago's best restaurants and chefs will be performing live cooking demonstrations, seminars, offering gourmet tastings, and book signings. Be sure to check out the Hamburger Hop (A "burger showdown") and all the great wines being poured at the Grand Cru.
  • The Guiness Oyster Fest (mentioned above as well) is also a pretty famous Chicago food festival. Oysters, beer, and live music are all the more enjoyable when put together and being enjoyed for charity! These oysters aren't as "shellfish" as the rest of them, because your $7 donation is going to benefit the Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce.
  • Food Tours by bike, anyone? Temperatures in Chicago in September are starting to drop, but during the day it will still be in the 70's for the most part. Enjoy one of the outdoorsy Chicago Food Tours while the weather is still bearable! We could easily recommend Bobby's Bike Hike.
  • Going on the boat tours in Chicago this time of year is beautiful day or night! Yes, it gets a little chilly, but just order an extra glass of wine or two and you'll warm right up! It will make everything your guide is saying all the funnier too, right?

Other Things to Do in Chicago This September

  • There are always new additions to the Lincoln Park Zoo! A baby Zebra was born on August 24, and he's in desperate need of attention if you ask us! There aren't many free zoo's left in these parts, but luckily this one is, so enjoy it!
  • Check out the Chicago Music Venues! Popular concerts like Hall and Oates, Toby Keith, Madonna, Atmosphere and more will be in the Windy City this September. If music isn't your style, there are new shows opening, comedy or make some music of your own at a karaoke night! The possibilities are endless! Riot Fest will be in town Sept. 15 and 16th. Check out this outdoor punk rock festival, complete with carnival rides! Get your discounted tickets through Chicago Traveler (They're normally $80 for both days - we have the 2-day pass for $63)
  • See a game! Football season is starting up, and the Chicago Bears are ready to show you what they got this year! Check out the last few baseball games (through October) or the first few football games, but either way, grab your coat, your hat and a fanny pack to keep all your stuff in so you have hands free for your hot dog and beers, and get your game tickets today!

There are endless things to do in Chicago every month, and September is no exception! Book your Chicago hotel, find some great deals on the top attractions and head to any of these great events and attractions to make your trip to Chicago this September better than ever before!