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Lakefront Fireworks

Chicago's lakefront is home to a uniquely Chicago Summer season celebration. Each Wednesday & Saturday night during the months of June, July & August, the skies light up with the explosion of a fireworks show. It is one of the most widely enjoyed attractions by locals and visitors alike. To assist visitors who wish to view the fireworks display from the comfort of a cruise boat on the water, we have compiled a directory of the available boats.

Listed below are the most popular cruise boats that provide an on the water viewing of this Chicago spectacle. The listings are in price sequence, from most expensive to least. Listed are starting prices. Prices may vary whether Wednesday or Saturday. Many operators offer discounts for children, seniors and military.

NOTE: Fireworks begin at 9:30pm on Wednesdays and 10:15 on Saturdays. Saturday displays begin on May 29th, Wednesday displays begin on June 16th. No fireworks on July 3rd, but there will be multiple fireworks displays on Sunday July 4th.

Spirit of Chicago

Spirit of Chicago

Spirit of Chicago is a great choice for Chicago lakefront fireworks cruises. This Chicago boat tour with fireworks is a fantastic way to see Navy Pier's wonderful fireworks displays.

A luxury cruiseliner, the Spirit of Chicago has all you need for an epic night out. A Chicago boat tour with fireworks provides sophistication and splendor from the get go. As you arrive on the boat you will be invited to have your photograph professionally taken, and then invited to the well stocked bar where bartenders will be happy to serve you the perfect concoction of your choice.

As the night progresses, you will enjoy a buffet dinner, explore the multiple observation decks, dance the night away with the help of a live band and multiple dance floors and of course watch the stunning fireworks display from atop this stunning ocean liner.

Other highlights of this magical boat tour include singing servers, strolling decks, amazing DJs and of course breathtaking views.

Odyssey Cruises

Chicago Odyssey Cruises

Odyssey is a world class, ultra modern cruise ship that hosts a plethora of cruise options. One of the most popular choices is the Chicago lakefront fireworks cruises that allows you to see Navy Pier's spectacular fireworks afloat stunning Lake Michigan.

The Odyssey features exquisite and recently renovated interiors and evokes the elegance and attention to detail traditionally only found on classic ocean liners.

A fireworks cruise on the Odyssey includes tasty appetizers and entrees and of course a fantastic cocktail and wine list. Plenty of entertainment is provided, including a live band and several dance floors are featured throughout this luxury ship.

View the breathtaking fireworks during this Chicago boat tour with fireworks from one of the Odyssey's multiple observation decks, making for an exceptionally romantic and exciting evening.

Chicago Travel Info
  Cruise Info Price
Shoreline Water Taxi Located in Navy Pier offoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoff


$3 - $10 Details
Shoreline Classic Lake Tour Located in Navy Pier Alcohol ServedAppetizersoffoffoffoffConcessionsoffoffoffoffoffFireworksoffoffoffoffPet FriendlyPrivate Partiesoffoff


$8.00 - $32.00 Details
Valara VI - Luxury Yacht Located in Near South Alcohol ServedAppetizersoffoffoffoffoffCorporate EventsDancingDining PackagesDinneroffFireworksoffoffoffoffoffPrivate PartiesoffWeddings


$45- $107 per person Details
Odyssey Cruises Located in Navy Pier Alcohol ServedAppetizersBrunchoffoffoffoffCorporate EventsDancingDining PackagesDinnerDJFireworksoffoffLunchoffoffPrivate PartiesoffWeddings


$47.90 - $139.90 Details
Seadog Cruises Located in Navy Pier offoffoffoffBYOBoffoffoffoffoffoffoffFireworksoffoffoffoffPet FriendlyPrivate Partiesoffoff


$23.95-$41.95 Details
Spirit of Chicago Cruises Located in Navy Pier Alcohol ServedAppetizersBrunchBuffetoffoffoffCorporate EventsDancingoffDinnerDJFireworksoffoffLunchoffoffPrivate Partiesoffoff


$44.90-$114.90 Details
Mystic Blue Cruises Located in Navy Pier Alcohol ServedAppetizersoffBuffetoffoffoffCorporate EventsDancingDining PackagesDinnerDJFireworksoffoffLunchoffoffPrivate PartiesoffWeddings


$39.00-$100.00 Details
Chicago Brunch Cruise Located in Navy Pier Alcohol ServedoffBrunchBuffetoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffLive Musicoffoffoffoffoffoff


$80.10 Details
Chicago Dinner Cruise Located in Navy Pier Alcohol ServedAppetizersoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffDinneroffFireworksoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoff


Mon., Tues. & Thurs.- $113.14/person; Wed.- $139.94; Fri.- $135.85; Sat.- $168.50 Details
Chicago Lunch Cruise Located in Navy Pier Alcohol ServedAppetizersoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffoffLunchoffoffoffoffoff


Mon.- Fri. $63.78; Sat. $76.02 Details

A Chicago lakefront boat tour is a fantastic way to see the fireworks from Navy Pier and also see Chicago's stunning city skyline at night. Get the best views of Navy Pier's fireworks from afloat stunning Lake Michigan.

There are many options to choose from, including glamorous dinner fireworks cruises and cocktail fireworks cruises. All are set on high end luxury liners and provide top notch service and extremely comfortable seating.

All of the cruises listed will allow you to see epic firework displays while enjoying the relaxing ambience of being aboard a state of the art cruise liner.

You can use our page to learn about some of the Chicago lakefront fireworks cruises that are available.

If you've missed the fireworks, try one of the other great Chicago boat tours - the views of the city skyline are arguably just as beautiful! Be sure to check out all of our Chicago tour deals before you book so that you can possibly save a little on your trip! These are by far some of the best things to do in Chicago, and their special savings and events make them even better!