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Chicago Food Tour: Chinatown Chicago

Chicago Food Tour Chinatown

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3 Hours, 45 Minutes

When to Go:
Year Round Tours

Tour Highlights:
Tastings at 5 different locations in Chinatown!

Age Restriction:
All ages welcome.

Quick Facts

  • Sample traditional Chinese dishes without spending the fortune it costs to fly to China on the Chicago Food Tour: Chinatown!
  • These Chicago food tours take you to 5 different Chinatown Chicago restaurants, and all the food is included!
  • Bring the whole family to give everyone a chance to explore the local streets on this walking tour!

Archer Ave
Chicago, IL 60616
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Chicago Food Tour: Chinatown Chicago

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South Side


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Features: Come explore the wonders of Chinatown! Delight your taste buds on these Chinatown Chicago food tours and taste the best from 5 different restaurants in the neighborhood! Every restaurant has something different to offer, from appetizers to dessert! Eating is one of the best things to do in Chicago, so once you've had your deep dish pizza and your hot dogs, try something different but just as delicious!

Why We Go: Mainly because we like to eat, and exploring Chinatown is fun in every city!

  • Delicious Food: You'll try Canton, Szechuan, and Mandarin-style cuisines, Chinese baked goods and even a stop in the tea and organic ginger house. Your tastebuds are going to be on a whirlwind!
  • Chinatown Experience: This is also a walking tour after all! Explore one of the oldest Chinatown neighborhoods in America! Your tour guide will take you from place to place as you pass by and learn about all the culture and history everywhere in Chinatown Chicago!
  • Family Friendly: While there are plenty of fun things to do in Chicago with kids, tweens, teens or just the grownups, eating is something that can bring the whole family together! Rather than ordering a pizza like you do every time you come to Chicago, try something new to bring the family even closer! 

Inside Knowledge: Chicago Traveler has a whole guide to the Chinatown Chicago neighborhood! Everything from shopping to the history and interesting facts, not to mention places to stay nearby! Be sure to check it out and spend some time there after these Chicago food tours end! There's much more to be done in Chinatown than pigging out in the restaurants.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Eat With The Family: It's hard to have a family dinner when you're at home, but when you're all on vacation together, there's no excuse! This is a meal that nobody in the family will make up an excuse to miss!
  • Do Bring Your Appetite: Don't worry about searching long and hard for a Chicago hotel with complimentary breakfast, because these Chicago food tours start at 10:30 in the morning and hit 5 restaurants in a row from there!
  • Don't Buy Your Own Food: All the food on this tour is included in the price, so you don't have to worry about bringing along any extra money for your own food. It probably wouldn't be a terrible idea to bring a little moula for some souvenirs though. Tea drinkers will love to take home some organic teas from one of your stops!
  • Don't Expect a Crowd: These tours run at a maximum of 12. You won't be crowded into the restaurants with a bunch of people you don't know.