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3 hours

When to Go:
Year Round Tours

Tour Highlights:
Supernatural activity in famous Chicago attractions!

Age Restriction:
Ages 12 and up

Quick Facts

  • Take a Chicago Ghost Hunting Tour to get a real look at all the supernatural activity in some of Chicago's most haunted warehouses.
  • These Chicago haunted tours take you inside the famous warehouses used as the headquarters for Al Capone's bootlegging business.
  • Don't worry about bringing all your own stuff. These Chicago tours provide all the necessary equipment to detect the dead from the Roaring Twenties. We hope you detect some roars of your own!


Chicago, IL 60608
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Chicago Ghost Hunting Tour

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Come into contact with spirits from the prohibition era - maybe even Al Capone himself!

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Features: Al Capone's bootlegging business has made Chicago famous over the years. Well, that and everything else that makes up Chicago's history. On the Chicago Ghost Hunting Tour, you'll search for supernatural activity in famous Chicago warehouses right around the corner from the mafia's bootlegging headquarters!

Why We Go: These Chicago haunted tours are an exciting way to explore some supernatural activity in some of Chicago's most famous attractions!

  • Dating Back to Prohibition: Many say that the spirits from the prohibition era are still lingering in these warehouses that illegally sold alcohol during the Roaring Twenties.
  • Top Notch Equipment: You'll be armed with sensors, detectors, cameras and thermal scanners which will surely detect any supernatural activity that remains in the warehouses.
  • Informative Tour: Your local guide is a professional Chicago ghost investigator who has made exploring these parts and finding all the abnormal activity lurking about their job. They pack this exciting tour with tons of awesome history and facts!

Inside Knowledge: These Chicago tours don't pick you up or drop you off from your Chicago hotel, so be sure to arrange transportation in Chicago that will get you there right on time! They ask you to be there right on time (or before) so that the tour doesn't start without you.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Bring Your Friends: This is one of the coolest Chicago tours, so make it an event! Especially if you decide to do it during the week. Monday through Thursday tours require a 3-person minimum for each booking.
  • Do Keep In Touch: You'll be keeping in touch with spirits from Chicago's past on the tour, but you're also required to get in touch with your tour guide 24 hours before your tour starts.
  • Don't Stay Home if It's Raining: These Chicago tours keep going rain or shine, so make sure that you dress suitably for the weather conditions in Chicago while you're there.
  • Don't Bring Your Own Equipment: That can take up a lot of room in your suitcase, and you're going to need a lot of room to pack for all the other great things to do in Chicago! They'll provide you with all the needed equipment on your tour!