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Chicago Ghost Investigations: A One of a Kind Exploration of the City's Paranormal Activity!

5/8/13 | by

Are you glued to your TV set every time a show like Ghost Hunters comes on? Do you want to something spine-chilling, otherworldly and all in all different from the usual Chicago sightseeing?

The Windy City has a particularly bloody past, with some disturbing episodes in its closet. The Chicago Ghost Investigations are not for the faint of heart, but anyone fascinated by the city’s dark side and paranormal activity will love getting in touch with ghosts on one of these tours.

Why Chicago Ghost Investigations?
This is not your typical Chicago tour, or even your typical paranormal tour. Most ghost tours spend time sharing stories about the spookiest places in the Windy City, with guests standing by rather than participating in any ghost hunting themselves. Instead of just hearing about the spooky happenings of the city, you’ll actually get to experience it for yourself by tracking down ghosts with the most sophisticated technology around.
These tours take place in an abandoned warehouse that was once the stomping grounds of notorious gangster, Al Capone. You’ll be able to locate the various hotspots throughout the warehouse with the assistance of your knowledgeable guide, and armed with several types of scanners, sensors, detectors and cameras.

In addition to equipping you with the right tools for your own personal ghost-hunting mission, these “spooktacular” tours also include a lesson in psychic communication so that you can get a good conversation going once you’ve located one of the hotspots in this frighteningly haunted warehouse! The group will be broken up into teams to set out hunting on their own, but the CGI Ghost Guides will be there to accompany you throughout the entire thrilling and chilling process, and provide a calming presence in addition to their incredible wealth of knowledge and unbridled enthusiasm for all things paranormal. The results of this Chicago tour will even have skeptics developing goosebumps and turning into believers on this one of a kind experience.

About the Company
Started by Brian Malloy after encountering paranormal activity while serving in the army, Chicago Ghost Investigations pulls from his personal experience with many paranormal research groups and his passion in developing a ghost tour that is a truly unique and interactive experience. In addition to tracking down the internal spirits who haunt Al Capone’s warehouse, the guides have found that guests often add their own spirit into the mix, in something they jokingly call BYOG. The phenomenon of Bring Your Own Ghost makes these tours even more fascinating and eerie, as personal ghosts from the past often end up wanting to make contact from the other side, making a scary experience a deeply intimate one.

When: 8 pm every night
Where: 500 West Cermak Road Chicago, IL 60616‎
Who Can Come: The haunting happenings of the Chicago Ghost Investigations are best suited for teenagers and up. Leave the small children behind for this one, as it may induce some unpleasant nightmares.
Price: $50 per person, with group, day time or week day discounts available!

Reservations: They are required for these tours!
Give them a call: 773.935.6332