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  • I Love Lucy Live on Stage will be playing at the Broadway Playhouse September 12 - March 2013!
  • I Love Lucy was one of the longest-running television shows in history, and many claim that is also the most loved. Lucy, Ethel, Ricky and Fred will all be on stage recreating the show you've laughed with through the years.
  • This is the first time this new hit musical is playing in the Windy City, so get your Chicago show tickets today!


Show Dates:
Sept. 12 - March 2013

Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place
175 East Chestnut Street
Chicago, Illinois 60611
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Chicago I Love Lucy Live on Stage

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I Love Lucy Live on Stage is coming to Chicago for the first time ever!

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Features: I Love Lucy was the longest running TV show of all time and the most watched show in the US in four of its six running seasons. While the show still airs all over the world on a daily basis, I Love Lucy Live on Stage is coming to Chicago for a few laughs and a great time! 40 million Americans still watch the TV show every year, so we can imagine what a great turnout the I Love Lucy musical in Chicago will get every night!

Why We Go: Many Americans, and several other cultures, grew up laughing with (and often at) Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred. This crew from the 50's is full of hilarious mishaps in the most charming way, and I Love Lucy Live on Stage brings it all to Broadway in Chicago for us to relive for a night.

  • Old School Comedy: Sure, there are tons of Chicago shows that are good for a laugh. Comedians come in and out of town every week, but stand-up comedy is meant for a certain crowd, and just because you like to laugh doesn't mean that scene is for you. Just like the show was, this is clean humor for every age and every personality.
  • Familiar Characters: We all know the gang. While Lucielle Ball won't be on stage constantly getting Ricky into trouble or scheming with Ethel, this cast is sure to replicate the hit TV show and still maintain some unique characteristics of its own.
  • Live Studio Audience: I Love Lucy Live on Stage is one of the Chicago shows that's set up with the audience in mind. Rather than recreating the show for you like you saw it on TV throughout the years, the host of the I Love Lucy musical in Chicago is treating you like a live studio audience from the 50's. The host gives you behind-the-scenes details and live performers entertain you in between acts while the cast "records" the best scenes from all the episodes you know and love on stage. Yes, it will feel like you're in the 50's (all over again or for the first time.)

Inside Knowledge: I Love Lucy started filming in 1951, back when television was (kind of) a new thing, so expect your host to treat this brand new invention like it's the best thing since sliced bread. Wait, was sliced bread invented yet?

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Bring the Family: Who doesn't love Lucy? This is one of the best Chicago shows for kids, parents, grandparents and even your moody teens who texted through the rest of your Chicago vacation. Everyone will get a few laughs at this musical, and they'll all enjoy watching the characters they grew up with performing live on stage.
  • Do Make a Night of It: There are so many things to do in Chicago surrounding the Broadway Playhouse. Check out some of the best restaurants in the area beforehand or grab a drink after.
  • Don't Drink Too Much: A few cocktails beforehand might make the show even funnier, but like many Chicago shows, I Love Lucy Live On Stage is 95 minutes long and there's no intermission. If you've laughed along with your TV at home to this classic hit series, you can expect some laughs here as well. Make sure your 95 minutes of chuckles aren't uncomfortable.
  • Don't Miss a Deal: You can buy your Chicago show tickets to this or any other production at the box office, but when you purchase them online ahead of time you can often find a deal. Chicago Traveler can help you get discounted Chicago show tickets, as well as Chicago hotel deals for the best rooms in town and coupons for all the other things to do in Chicago while you're on vacation! Lucy nickeled and dimed her way through the show, and even after inflation, you can do that as much as possible too!