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Chicago Movie Tour

Chicago Movie Tour

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10:30am and 12:30pm

2 hours

When to Go:
Year Round Tours

Tour Highlights:
See where some of the greatest movies ever made were filmed!

Age Restriction:
All ages welcome.

Quick Facts

  • The Chicago Movie Tour is the perfect way to explore the city for the first time, but it's fun for locals too!
  • Whether you're a huge movie buff or you just want to see some famous destinations, you'll see some of the top Chicago attractions along the way!
  • The Chicago Movie Tour highlights locations where some of the most famous movies made in the last 100 years were filmed - you might not even have known some of them were shot here!

Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60610
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Chicago Movie Tour

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Calling all movie buffs! Or anyone who wants to see the city that so many great flicks were filmed in!

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Features: The Chicago Movie Tour takes you around the city to where over 75 movies have been filmed over the last century. It won't feel like your first time in the city (even if it is) once you start recognizing the setting all your favorite movies were filmed!

Why We Go: One of the best things to do in Chicago is take a tour when you want to see and learn all about this beautiful city! See some of the top attractions that you'll recognize from famous movies filmed here over the years!

  • 100 Years of Movies: Tons of movies have been filmed here, from favorites like My Best Friend's Wedding to recent blockbusters like The Untouchables! Don't you love it when you see sights from your favorite city in a film your watching? Now you can see them all on this tour of Chicago! It will feel like being in a movie of your own!
  • Top Chicago Attractions: Not everyone who comes on this tour is a movie fanatic! You don't have to have seen any of these movies actually, because the main focus of these Chicago tours are the sights! The Chicago Movie Tour takes you to some of the top Chicago attractions, which most people have seen in movies, but people who come to Chicago visit on tours of all kinds every day!
  • Bus Tour of Chicago: Buses are a great way to tour Chicago! You'll be in a air-conditioned/heated tourbus that drives you to every famous destination! That would have been a lot of walking and even more cabfare if you decided to see these places on your own!

Inside Knowledge: Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of the movies that was filmed in Chicago! Maybe you'll recognize the scene that takes place in the Art Institute of Chicago!

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Your Research: See if you can recognize any famous Chicago destinations before (or after) you take one of these Chicago tours! Once you see the city, it will start popping up in more and more movies! People love filming in Chicago!
  • Do Come As a First-Timer: If this is your first time in Chicago, this is probably one of the best Chicago tours for you! You'll visit some of the most recognizable and famous places in Chicago in a fun way you can relate to! It won't feel like your first time in the city when you start realizing all your favorite movies take place here!
  • Don't Miss The Clips: Even if you haven't seen these movies, chances are you've probably heard of them. Either way, they'll show clips from the movies on the bus as you drive along! You'll get a great view (or the city and each screen) as you go along!
  • Don't Forget Your Camera: You're definitely going to want to document the places you see along these Chicago tours! They look much better in your scrapbook than on your TV screen!