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Chicago Underground Film Festival Summary

Event Overview: The Chicago Underground Film event isn't your average stuffy film festival. The Chicago Underground Film Festival is designed to make the film festival experience more accessible to the general public. This annual cultural event is one of Chicago's top film festivals that draws film makers and film fans from all over the country and from around the world. Chicago Film Festival films fall into 7 different categories: Narrative Feature, Narrative Short, Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Experimental, Animation, Music Video and “Made in Chicago. 

What to Expect: Plenty of excellent film making showcased at the Gene Siskel Theater is what makes this Chicago film festival so popular.

  • More Than Just Films: In addition to the great selection of independent films, the Chicago Underground Film Festival also showcases movie poster art, drawings, and photography.
  • Award Winning Cinema: While the art of film making is not competitive, the Chicago Film Festival does give out awards, including an Audience Choice award.   

Inside Knowledge: The Underground Film Festival Chicago receives hundreds of submissions each year, but only a few make it to the festival. Movies were originally shot on 16mm film, but with the advancements in digital technology, they are now produced in many different ways. Chicago Film Festival films cover a variety of different topics, and can range in length from quick minute-long clips, to in-depth films that run more than 90 minutes long.  

Event Hints: Here are a few tips to make your trip to the Chicago Underground Film Festival memorable.

  • Book Tickets Early: Many films tend to sell out long before opening night, so make sure to book your tickets early. Tickets can be purchased online from the Chicago Underground Film Festival website.
  • Graphic Material: This Chicago Underground Film event is not always a family-friendly event. Many of the films showcased depict strange, offensive, and sometimes violent scenes, so parents are advised to bring their children at their own discretion.

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Chicago Underground Film Festival

Until Apr 6


Chicago Underground Film Festival
164 North State Street
Chicago, US
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Event Dates

Apr 02,2014 - Apr 06,2014

Event Cost

$4 - $11

The Chicago Underground Film Festival is a top Chicago Cultural Event

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Event Quick Facts

  • First founded in 1993, the Chicago Underground Film Festival is entering its 21th year of providing independent film makers with a forum to showcase their work.
  • Unlike many other film festivals, the Chicago Film Festival is all about reaching a younger audience.
  • There are no set topics, and film subjects can range from the sublime to the perverse.
  • While it has been located in several different places, the Gene Siskel Theater has been the venue for the Underground Film Festival Chicago for the past 3 years.



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