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Chicago’s New Tourism Goal: 50 Million Visitors a Year

4/13/12 | by

If all goes according to plan, you can expect Chicago to be a very crowded city soon. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has said that his goal is to get 50 million tourists a year to Chicago by 2020.

50 million a year? Uhhhh that’s gonna be so annoying on the train...

While that number sounds super high, it’s actually not. Currently, Chicago gets around 39 million visitors a year. Yeah, that number surprised us too.

Apparently the Mayor’s office is particularly interested in reaching out to international tourists.

The city recently opened three new tourism offices in London, Mexico City and Toronto, and now Emanuel says he wants to also open new Chicago tourism offices in Japan, Germany and Brazil. That would mean offices on four continents.

On another note, Emanuel also announced last week that Chicago will host the U.S. Travel Association’s International Pow Wow in 2014.

In our opinion, even with this new international outreach, 50 million visitors seems a little over zealous. Although it would be great for the local economy if that happens, God help us in getting around town.