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The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago IL The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago Illinois The ComedySportz Show Chicago IL The ComedySportz Show Chicago Illinois

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  • The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago is the longest running short-form improvised show in the entire city.
  • The red team and the blue team are competing for the most laughs at the ComedySportz Chicago every night while a referee hosts and the audience suggests ideas for what each team to do.
  • The ComedySportz comedy club in Chicago has shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, with multiple shows on some nights.


929 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
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Nearest Transit:
Belmont (Brown Line, Purple Line, Red Line) Wellington (Brown Line, Purple Line) Diversey (Brown Line, Purple Line)

Hours of Operation:
Mon. 10am- 12am, Tue.-Wed.10am -6pm, Thu. 10am- 12am, Fri.-Sat. 10am- 1am, Sun. 1pm- 9pm

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The ComedySportz Theatre

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The ComedySportz Theatre has Chicago's longest running improv show!

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Features: The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago is the longest running improv show in the Windy City. Two teams of funny guys (and gals) are competing for your laughs, and you and the rest of the audience are the ones who get to decide what they'll be doing! You can also bring the whole family to this Chicago comedy show; all the comedy at Chicago's ComedySportz Theatre is clean and appropriate for all ages!

Why We Go: There's a reason that The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago is the oldest improv show in the city and is still going strong, attracting the people who love to laugh three nights a week!

  • Audience Participation: Rather than going to a stand-up comedy show, when you go to the ComedySportz Chicago you and everyone around you get to determine the ideas in the show and the performers act out whatever you suggest. It's improvisation at it's finest!
  • Several Shows a Weekend: You don't have to drop everything on a Friday night to go see a comedy show anymore! ComedySportz Improv Show Chicago features numerous shows over the course of the weekend. Shows are Thursdays at 8pm, Fridays at 8pm and 10pm, and Saturdays at 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.
  • No Drink Minimum: Unlike many comedy clubs, The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago has no drink minimum required for the show each night. Finally, we can drive home without worrying about those beers we were practically forced to consume! Of course there is also no drink maximum - the bar at ComedySportz Theatre has a full stock of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages so everyone who wants to can enjoy a drink during the show.

Inside Knowledge: While the improvisors of the The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago try very hard for clean comedy, they're performing improv, and sometimes a bad word can slip out in the heat of the moment. Don't worry, no misdeed goes unpunished, and when this happens, the improvisor gets a "Brown Bag Foul."

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Laugh a Little: Or a lot. The whole point of going to a show at The ComedySportz Theatre Chicago is to be entertained, so get into it and enjoy yourself.
  • Do Make a Suggestion: The audience gets to throw out ideas for the improv actors at ComedySportz Chicago to perform. Hail the referee and make a suggestion of your own!
  • Don't Miss Your Birthday: If you put your name on their email list, complete with birthday, the ComedySportz Improv Show Chicago will send you specials for your special day!
  • Don't Get Too Drunk: There's no drink minimum at the ComedySportz Chicago shows, so you can't use that two drink minimum and a light dinner as an excuse to get wasted and make a scene at this comedy club.

Venue Amenities

  • Birthday Specials
  • Full Bar
  • Accepts Reservations
  • Live Entertainment
  • Wheelchair Access