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Conan to Tape his Show in Chicago This Summer!

4/26/12 | by

There’s gonna be a whole lot of funny going on in Chicago this summer! On Monday night, Conan O’Brien announced on his TBS comedy show “Conan” that he will be taping episodes of the show right here in Chicago this summer!

Unfortunately, the stint will be brief, but exciting nonetheless. Conan will tape four shows at the Chicago Theatre from June 11-14.

While this is very exciting news to any fan of Team Coco in Chicago, it gets even better... Tickets are free! Yes, free! (A joke that played over and over again after his announcement).

There is one catch though. The demand is so high for tickets that there will be an online lottery. So go ahead and join every other Chicagoan (and tourist in Chicago that weekend) by putting your name in the lottery. If you get chosen, just be sure to let us know if you have an extra plus one!

Here’s to hoping we get picked!

Conan will actually be in Chicago as a part of the TBS sponsored Just for Laughs week long comedy festival.

From June 12-17 you can expect hilarity to ensue in Chicago. The city will be littered with comedians such as Vince Vaughn, Aziz Ansari, Stephen Merchant, Billy Gardell, John Oliver and more! Plus, the master of roasting Jeff Ross will even be performing a special roast dedicated to the city of Chicago itself...