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Eat Your Way Through Chi-Town - Food Tours in Chicago to Make Even the Pickiest Foodie Swoon

9/9/14 | by

Chicago is one of the coolest cities in the world. It has a modern metropolitan vibe, an exceedingly rich cultural history and tons of classy attractions and things to do that tourists from all over the world can't get enough of.

But after all of the worldly attributes of Chicago are listed the city still remains in Mid-West America and if there's one thing we know the Mid-West does right, it's food.

So how do you know that you'll make it to all of the best places to eat in Chicago on your next trip? Unless you are visiting a local or plan on doing hours and hours of dubious research on online review boards it can be hard to know which Chicago restaurants are must-visit eateries and which are just hyped up tourist traps.

Luckily there is a solution that you may or may not have already heard of: food tours! Food tours in Chicago are organized tours of different eateries that all but guarantee you'll eat at the absolute best destinations in Chicagoland.

These Chicago food tours also do a great job of focusing on different types of food so that whether you have an incurable sweet tooth or you just really want to know where to get the best of the best Chicago pizza, there's a perfect food tour ready for you.

Food tours are an interesting phenomenon because you are expected to tour multiple eateries and maintain enough room in your stomach for each new place. For some of you *cough* teenage boys *cough*, that might not pose an issue at all. For the rest of you, it's a good idea to arrive on Chicago food tours with a very empty stomach and we recommend only booking one or two tours for your vacation.

One of the best ways to take full advantage of a Chi-Town food tour is to go on them early in your trip and learn all about the delicious places to eat in Chicago so that you can return to your favorite places for full meals later.

So now that you know the best way to learn about foodie paradises in Chicago, here's a list of our favorite food tours!

Delicious Dining: These tours focus on the best restaurants in Chicago and give you a taste of the many culinary delights the city offers.

  • Savor Chicago Food Tour: This tour brings you to 5-7 different Chicago restaurants in the River North and Magnificent Mile parts of town. The food tour is a walking tour and takes about 3.5 hours to enjoy an afternoon of delicious food and Chicago sights!
  • Flavors of Chicago Tour: Another 3.5 hour walking tour, the Flavors of Chicago will take you to six eateries in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. Perfect for travelers staying in Chicago hotels in the area, this is the ideal way to learn which restaurants are worth a full night out.
  • Chicago Dine-Around: The Chicago Dine-Around is actually a progressive dining tour where you eat a different course at a variety of restaurants in Chicago. Ride in a coach bus to your different destinations and learn all about the most popular Chicago restaurants - not to mention eat their delicious food.

Chicago Classics: Take one of these tours to enjoy foods that Chicago is know for such as their deep dish pizza and hot dogs. If you know you can't leave Chicago without a taste of the staple foods here but you also don't want to try a sub-par version, these tours are great ways to get only the best.

  • Chicago Food Planet Tour: While many of the above food tours bring you to well-known and liked restaurants in Chicago, the Chicago Food Planet Tour shows you amazing one-of-a-kind destinations in Chicago's more historic neighborhoods. Eat off the beaten path and get an experience that sets you on your way to becoming a true Chicago foodie.
  • Chicago Pizza Tour: Who comes to Chicago and doesn't hope to enjoy the best deep dish pizza in the world? Chicago is known for its pizza and for good reason. Unfortunately, that does not stop sub-par pizza parlors from popping up here and there. This tour makes it easy to eat only the best pizza in Chicago, and even gives you an inside look into how it's made, what the ideal ingredients are and the history behind the Chicago pizza.
  • Bikes, Bites & Brews Tour: This tour is unique in that it makes sure you sample four of Chicago's most favorite foods: pizza, hot dogs, cupcakes and beer. Well, beer might not be quite a food group but don't try to tell that to a true Chicagoan! Bike your way to all of these great tastes and stay active in between eating.

Delectable Desserts: For those of you with a sweet tooth problem, here is where you want to look.

  • Tastebud's Chocolate Tour: As if the amazing main courses above weren't enough, why not throw in a dessert tour as well? The Tastebud's Chocolate Tour will show you five of the most delicious dessert places in the Gold Coast neighborhood. Enjoy tasty treats at each of these places and learn about Chicago's history at the same time! 

Whether you plan on booking just one food tour or you think you can handle a new one each day of your Chicago trip, more power to you! All we know is that these are fun and extremely delicious ways to ensure that you will eat the best food in Chicago while you're here. Food tours also provide a great way to get to know the city better, since many of them involve walking around our most popular neighborhoods.

Have you been on a food tour in Chicago before? We'd love to hear about your experience and - most importantly - a suggestion as to where we should eat dinner tonight! Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter and  Google+ pages!