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Farmers Markets in Chicago | Fun Things To Do In Chicago

5/6/15 | by

Fruit gleaming with color, bright scented flowers and sweet, crunchy kettle corn are a few of the treasures you can score at farmers markets in Chicago. Summertime brings such great weather to this city, and it can be an adventure to look through these outdoor stalls for local goods to bring home.

  • Federal Plaza Farmers Market - Every Tuesday between 7am and 3pm, you can get your fresh fruit fix at this farmers market in Chicago. Stock up on your in-season vegetables, and get some incredible baked goods for snacking on as you walk around. Make your dinner table look gorgeous with a bouquet of flowers that you can snag here for your home.
  • Green City Market - This year-round farmers market makes you an instantly helpful member of the community! You're supporting local and sustainable farming with your visit. For a hot snack, try the tamales or even the grilled cheese sandwiches being made here. Sugar is so yesterday - get yourself some artisanal honey, and make your food taste sublime with that extra sticky sweetness. Come to Green City Market Tuesdays through Fridays, between 9am and 7pm.
  • Daley Plaza Farmers Market - Mother always told you to eat your fruits and vegetables. Make her proud with the produce that you snag here! This freshly picked candy of the earth comes in all colors and flavors: you've got your greens, your squashes, your tomatoes and even your purple potatoes. Berries and peaches are also juicy treats. The blooms are beautiful, and you know it's instant happiness when you take flowers home with you.
  • Lincoln Park Farmers Market - Every cell in your body is surely crying out for the snackable goodies here. How about them apples? Get your hands on those round globes of crispy juiciness. The chef demonstrations here are helpful; figure out what to do with the fruits and vegetables you take home during these information-packed sessions. Visit Lincoln Park Farmers Market on Saturdays between 7am and 1 pm.

Chicago dining and restaurants have their place when you're hungry - but it's nice to shake things up and try something new with your food. If you're so hungry that you want to eat right away, there are plenty of hot foods ready at farmers markets. Nosh on a tamale or fresh bread. Among things to do in Chicago, visiting farmers markets can be especially satisfying - to both your novelty-seeking brain and your hungry rumbling stomach.

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