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Foodies are in Shock as Top Chicago Restaurant Announces Plans to Close

1/5/12 | by

Foodies across Chicago are starting off the new year in a bit of confusion over the latest culinary casualty.

Very unexpectedly, celebrated Chicago Chef Charlie Trotter announced he is closing his world-renowned namesake restaurant this year after 25 years in business.

Trotter broke the news at -- of all places -- his restaurant on Saturday at his annual New Year’s Eve party.

The move comes as a surprise to many considering that the 120-seat eatery is thought of as one of the finest restaurants in the country. It won the highly-regarded James Beard award ten times.

In a recent interview with the Chicago Sun Times, Trotter said he sees his restaurant -- which opened up back in 1987 -- as closing at the top of its game. He also wants people to know that this decision isn’t because of bad finances (we all know it’s always busy there). Apparently, Trotter plans to take a break from the restaurant biz for a while in order to travel the world and go back to school and get a masters degree in philosophy and political theory.

There is good news for his fine-dining fans though as he plans to one day open up another restaurant when he completes his graduate programs. Also, for those die hard fans, his takeout shop, Trotter’s To Go, will remain open.

The culinary closing is happening on August 31, 2012, so be sure to stuff your face there as much as possible until then.