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Groundbreaking New Museum to Open in Chicago

12/1/11 | by

If there’s one thing Chicago’s not short on, it’s museums, but the latest addition to the Chicago museum scene promises to be the first of its kind.

The National Hellenic Museum will open in Greektown on Dec. 10, and -- believe it or not -- it will be the first ever national Greek museum in the United States. Opa!

Being touted as the “The newest thing in ancient history”, this four-story Chicago museum will feature archives of more than 17,000 artifacts, a variety of exhibits on ancient Greek mythology including the Trojan war, displays on Chicago’s Greek community and a library dedicated to Greek history books.

The Gods would be so proud.

One of their most prized exhibits is an interactive section called "Gods, Myths & Mortals: Discovering Ancient Greece", which includes a 13-foot-tall Trojan Horse for kids to climb on.

Along with a huge emphasis on Greek history, the 40,000-square-foot museum will also place a major focus on teaching the Greek American journey including the unique culture that has been passed down to Greek-Americans today.

In the future, the Greek museum promises to host a variety of cultural events including food tastings, speaking engagements and educational programs.

The National Hellenic Museum will be appropriately located in Chicago’s Greektown on the corner of Halsted and Van Buren.