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Every Thursday at 8:45pm

2 hours

When to Go:
When you're feeling the bravest!

Tour Highlights:
Visit some of the mysterious sights and learn about Chicago's haunted past on a segway!

Age Restriction:
Ages 14 and up

Quick Facts

  • Haunted Chicago Segway Tours takes you all around to some of Chicago's most notorious haunted sights.
  • Chicago segway tours are one of the best ways to get around Chicago - you don't get tired from walking, but you're not confined to the traffic and hindered views from a bus!
  • Chicago tours are one of the most popular things to do in Chicago, so be sure to book your tour in advance to make sure you'll be able to take one this trip.

Monroe Street
Chicago, IL 60601
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Haunted Chicago Segway Tour

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You'll learn interesting things you don't learn on most tours of Chicago - all the coolest details of Chicago's haunted past!

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Grant Park

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Features: The Haunted Chicago Segway Tour takes you back in time, where you'll learn all about the haunted yesteryears of Chicago! Hop on your segway and zip from sight to sight as you listen to your guide narrate Chicago gangster murders, Chicago disasters and things even more spooky than that! You'll visit Chicago's haunted sites, and maybe a few ghosts that are still lurking there!

Why We Go: Chicago segway tours offer a fun way to cruise around the city seeing all the Chicago sights that you want to, (in this case, all the haunted parts of Chicago!) but without getting tired from walking around for hours.

  • Haunted Sights of Chicago: Not only are you visiting the haunted landmarks of Chicago, but you'll be cruising past the popular attractions that look even more beautiful lit up at night!
  • Not Another Cheesy Tour: Everyone loves going on Chicago tours, but some of them can just take you to the major attractions and tell you the same stories as everyone else. The Haunted Chicago Segway Tour goes off the beaten path, to the unexplored landmarks that even many Chicago tour guides have never ventured to!
  • Smooth Ride Around Town: Chicago Segway tours are great because you get the benefit of being out in the city, seeing the sights up close unlike you would on a bus or boat, but without tiring yourself out walking for 2 hours!

Inside Knowledge: If you're getting so spooked that you think you need to relieve yourself along the way, just in case, we suggest not requesting to do so in the Red Lion Pub. This has been described as the "most haunted pub in Chicago" by many sources, and many of the female patrons have sworn they've been locked in the stalls before.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Stick to the Group: You won't be wandering around at night looking for your tour group in a city you might not be familiar with, especially while you're on this haunted tour of Chicago! Take comfort in numbers!
  • Do Tip Your Tour Guide: It's not required of course, but they do have a pretty risky job taking you around to Chicago's haunted places, and all while they're navigating a segway! They will earn their tips, trust us!
  • Don't Come Hungry: There are plenty of Chicago food tours if eating is what you're looking to do, but there are no meals provided on this tour, and it's two hours long! You're not going to want to come on an empty stomach.
  • Don't Arrive Late: Actually, they want you to arrive 15 minutes early! The tour is leaving promptly at 8:45pm - whether you're there or not!