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Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

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Weekdays 10 AM - 5 PM
Thursday Evenings until 8 PM
Weekends 11 AM - 4 PM

When to Go:
Year Round

Age Restriction:
All ages are welcome.

Quick Facts

  • The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center was created to preserve the legacy of the Holocaust and educate visitors about combating hatred, prejudice and indifference.
  • The new building, designed specifically for the Karkomi Permanent Exhibition, was opened in 2009.
  • The Museum houses over 500 artifacts, documents and photographs of the events surrounding the Holocaust. 

9603 Woods Dr.
Skokie, IL 60077
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Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

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An inspiring dedication to those who experienced the Holocaust, educate the current generations, and fight indifference today.

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North Side


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Features: The Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois was founded in 1981 and at the time ran a small storefront museum. The organization was created in response to the neo-Nazi's attempted march in Skokie, IL in the 1970's. Holocaust survivors banded together to combat hate with education, and opened the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center in April of 2009. The Museum is located in Skokie, a diverse village with a large Jewish population directly outside of the city of Chicago.

Stories are told in many ways to convey the importance of the museums message. The Karkomi Permanent Exhibition has over 500 artifacts, documents and photographs that tell the story of the Jews and the many other minority groups persecuted in the Holocaust. The building itself was designed into three parts to tell the tale of the Holocaust survivors. Visitors enter the dark side, where dark walls and sharp angles represent "the descent into darkness." The "cleave" formed by the hinge between dark and light, houses an authentic early 20th century German rail car that serves as the museum’s anchor artifact. The third part of the building "ascends into the light." The soft rounded edges and rooflines filled with natural light emphasize exhibits that represent the rescue and renewal of survivors of the Holocaust.

Why We Go:The Illinois Holocaust Museum is an inspiring dedication to those who experienced the Holocaust and educates generations to fight indifference today.

  • History: The Museum provides the ultimate timeline of the Holocaust from pre-war life in Germany to concentration camps to liberation. Explore the artifacts and listen to the real testimonies of survivors.
  • Architecture: Designed by renowned architect, Stanley Tigerman, the 65,000 square-foot building was designed to induce an experience and particular feelings from each. Make your way through the thoughtfully constructed rooms to pay homage to those lost and respect those who survived and found renewal. 
  • Education: The organization educates the community and schools through exhibitions and speakers. The Holocaust Memorial Foundation strives to educate students lessons to fight hatred, indifference and genocide. All generations will be fascinated by the history of the Holocaust and it's presence in today's society.

Inside Knowledge: Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker at the opening of the new building and a recorded video message was shown of President Barack Obama and the President of Isael, Shimon Peres. 

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do plan to stay for a couple of hours. Many visitors get caught up in the exhibit that they even lose track of time. The riveting displays will leave the whole family in awe. 
  • Do take the kids. “Make a Difference!: The Harvey L. Family Youth Exhibition” is a highly interactive space where hands-on activities teach kids ages 8 – 12 to respect differences, address bullying, and take a stand on issues that matter to them!
  • Don't miss the short films of real testimonials, archival footage and more.
  • Don't miss a thing. The building and exhibit within is designed to the "t". The building was constructed to present events in chronological order.