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Improv Festival Chicago Summary

Event Overview: Chicago is a city famous for its hilarious Improv troupes and comedy showcases, so it's no surprise that the Improv Festival Chicago is one of the premier comedy festivals in the country. This annual comedy festival Chicago attracts the top Improv troupes and comedians from around the globe, and takes place in numerous Chicago theaters and comedy clubs throughout the city. 

What to Expect: The week-long Improv Festival Chicago is a fun and affordable way to enjoy a few laughs on your visit to Chicago, and takes place the last weekend of April annually.

  • Lots of Laughs: The Chicago Improv Festival features close to 100 shows, with comedians hailing from nearly a dozen nations and over 30 cities. Expect a diverse range of comics and plenty of gut-busting humor at the Chicago Improv Festival! 
  • Cheap Tickets: Comedy Festival Chicago tickets generally cost no more than $20, a bargain given the quality performances and wide range of comedians you'll be able to experience at the Improv Festival Chicago.
  • Rising Stars: Get a sneak peak at young, up-and-coming comedians hoping to make their mark at the Improv Festival Chicago.

Inside Knowledge: Chicago has a long history of producing some of the funniest and most talented comedians of all-time, most notably from the famous Second City Theater in Lincoln Park. Given the city's impressive track record, Chicago has become the unofficial "Improv Capital" of the United States, which has helped to make the Improv Festival Chicago perhaps the biggest event in the world of Improv comedy every year. 

Event Hints: 

  • Check the Schedule: With a number of Improv shows each night at various Chicago theaters Downtown, check the Chicago Improv Festival Web site ahead of time, or visit our Chicago Events Calendar to keep track of shows, tickets and comedians at this favorite Chicago event.
  • Don't Miss the After-Parties: Keep the evening going, and enjoy a drink with some of your favorite comedians at the organized after-parties thrown by the Chicago Improv Festival after most shows. 

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Improv Festival Chicago

Until Apr 6


Various Chicago Theaters

Chicago, US
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Event Dates

Mar 31,2014 - Apr 06,2014

Event Cost

$7 - $15

Popular comedy festival attracts the funniest young comedians from around the world

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Event Quick Facts

  • The Improv Festival Chicago is one of the biggest collections of Improv shows in the country, and this popular comedy festival in Chicago attracts all of the premier Improv troupes in the country.
  • The Chicago Improv Festival is a week-long Chicago event located at the best Chicago theaters in and around the Downtown area.
  • Chicago Improv is considered to be perhaps the funniest in the country, and famous troupes include Second City and the ComedySportz Theatre Chicago



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