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On demand

About an hour

When to Go:
Spring- Fall

Tour Highlights:
Art Institute of Chicago, Willis Sears Tower

Age Restriction:
All ages

Important Information:
Made available by the Chicago Loop Alliance

Quick Facts

  • Loop the Loop Audio Tours of Chicago are a free service offered by the Chicago Loop Alliance, and can be found on their Web site.
  • Chicago walking audio tours from the Chicago Loop Alliance can be downloaded for free online and placed on your Smart Phone or MP3 player. 
  • Loop the Loop Audio Tours include popular subjects like Chicago theater, public art and Chicago landmarks in The Loop.  


Chicago, IL
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Loop The Loop Audio Tour

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Features: Loop the Loop Audio Tours are available via free MP3's on the Chicago Loop Alliance Web site. A convenient and informative way to enjoy a Chicago audio walking tour, Loop the Loop Audio Tours include interesting topics that are sure to teach locals and tourists alike about the best Chicago landmarks, Chicago museums and theaters in Chicago.   

Why We Go: Chicago walking audio tours allow you to explore the streets of Chicago at your own leisure and, again, they're FREE!

  • Convenient: Simply download the Chicago audio walking tour to your computer, drag it on to your iPod or Smart Phone, and enjoy your favorite Chicago walking tour of the Loop in a matter of minutes thanks to the Chicago Loop Alliance!
  • Informative: Loop the Loop Audio Tours are extremely well-done, and include expert analysis of historical Chicago landmarks, theatres and attractions in The Loop
  • Topical: Chicago walking audio tours are topic specific, so you can choose from a variety of interests -  including architecture, history or the arts - when you visit the Chicago Loop Alliance Web site

Inside Knowledge: If you don't have an MP3 player to use for the Chicago Walking Tour of the Loop, don't sweat it. The Chicago Loop Alliance has made a limited number of players loaded with their audio tours available for free at the Archicenter at 224 S. Michigan Avenue in Downtown Chicago.  

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Wear Good Headphones: Take advantage of the quality audio production and enjoy the most pleasant Chicago walking audio tours experience possible by wearing a good pair of headphones when you download Loop the Loop Audio Tours online.
  • Do Strap on your Sneakers: After all, you'll be doing a fair amount of walking when you take the Loop the Loop Audio Tours. We recommend wearing comfortable sneakers and dressing weather-appropriate when you participate in this popular Chicago walking tour of the Loop