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Marilyn Monroe Statue No Longer on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile

5/17/12 | by

Is it just me or has Chicago gotten a little less leggy this week? If you haven’t already heard, the famous Marilyn Monroe statue on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile has been dismantled and shipped out of town.

The 40,000 pound statue of Monroe in her famous pose from “The Seven Year Itch” was broken down into four pieces and shipped out west. So if you never made it to Pioneer Park to look up her skirt, you missed your chance... Unless you want to head out to Palm Springs, CA. That is where the statue will reside until June 2013 and also where the “All About Eve” actress was first discovered by a Hollywood agent.

The “Forever Marilyn” statue, which was unveiled in Chicago last July, was put together on Monday in its new Palm Springs home on the corner of Tahquitz Canyon and Palm Canyon Drive.

The Marilyn move comes with mixed opinions in Chicago. Some loved it, some hated it.

Those that hated it called it sexist, forcing passersby to unintentionally peak up her skirt. One tourism website even dubbed it the worst piece of artwork in the world!

We, however, enjoyed having Marilyn Monroe in Chicago. Even though it was only temporary, it brought smiles to the faces of locals and tourists alike. I mean, how can you not laugh at a 26-foot statue of a woman with her skirt flying up? And on the Magnificent Mile nonetheless. Come on people, it’s kind of funny... Tacky but funny.

There may be a mix of opinions as to whether or not Chicago will miss Marilyn. However, as most of you already know (and one of her movies notes), Marilyn Monroe sure likes it hot, so we think she’ll do just fine in Palm Springs.