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  • The Mother****** with the Hat is a comedy for an adult audience.
  • This theatre production is playing at Steppenwolf Theatre.
  • Among Chicago shows, The Mother****** with the Hat is a sidesplitter about a boyfriend who finds another man's hat in the home he shares with his girlfriend.


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Steppenwolf Theatre
1650 N Halsted St
Chicago, Illinois 60614
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The Mother****** with the Hat

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Features: When you're looking for things to do in Chicago this season, consider going to see The Mother****** with the Hat. This rip-roaring comedy is a must-see among Chicago shows. The Steppenwolf Theatre welcomes comedy lovers to enjoy this amusing story, a fast-paced tale about a guy who freaks out and unsuccessfully tries to get revenge after finding another guy's hat in the apartment that he and his girlfriend share.

Why We Go: The Mother****** with the Hat is not your grandma's theatre production. If you've ever thought of going to a play as boring or dry, this gem among Chicago shows may change your mind. The story's hilarious, and it's entertaining to see it unfold onstage.

  • Funny Show: This comedy is set on having the entire audience in stitches, cracking up throughout The Mother****** with the Hat. This funny show is great to watch when you want to unwind, smile and enjoy a very entertaining evening.
  • For The Adults: The Mother****** with the Hat is intended for mature audiences. This is great news for those who want to see a show that's not afraid to be a bit shocking. Other Chicago shows are great to see with your family or tamer friends, but this Steppenwolf Theatre production is worth seeing if you want an edgier experience.
  • Critically Acclaimed: The Wall Street Journal has positive things to say about The Mother****** with the Hat, calling it "tight, smart and splendidly well-made". New Yorker thinks the show is a hoot and describes it as "hysterical and irreverent".

Inside Knowledge: The Mother****** with the Hat is directed by Anna D. Shapiro, who also directed the acclaimed Broadway premiere. You know the Steppenwolf Theatre production is in good hands when the original director is still guiding the play to a smashing success.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Let The Computer Pick: When you're purchasing tickets for this gem among Chicago shows, you can choose to have "Best Available Seats" reserved for you and your theater going companions. It's fast and convenient, so you can get your tickets reserved more quickly.
  • Do Select Your Own Seats: If you want to see all the available seating, you can choose the second option of "Select Your Own Seats" when buying tickets to see The Mother****** with the Hat. That way, you can decide exactly which seats you want to have - and that's definitely a treat at Chicago shows.
  • Don't Take Your Kids: Since The Mother****** with the Hat is a show for the adults, you'll want to find a babysitter to watch your kids while you go to the theater. Chicago shows like this are for grown ups only!
  • Don't Miss The Season Trailer: Get a good idea of what the play will be like by watching the season trailer on Steppenwolf Theatre's website.