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Showtimes vary based on day; visit Web site for details

When to Go:
Midnight shows Fri. & Sat., Matinee shows Sat. & Sun.

Age Restriction:
Varies based on movie

Nearest Transit:
Addison (Red)

Important Information:
Special Events are Hosted Regularly by the Music Box Chicago.

Quick Facts

  • The Music Box Theatre in Chicago is a historic Chicago movie theatre that originally opened in 1929.
  • The Music Box Chicago specializes in showing cult classics, black and white matinee films, and first-run Independent films.
  • Movie tickets at the Music Box Chicago Theatre are just $5 on Mondays.

3733 North Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613
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Music Box Chicago

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Vintage Chicago Movie Theatre in Lakeview

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Features: The Music Box Chicago is an iconic Chicago movie theatre in Lakeview. Built in 1929, this hidden gem of a Chicago attraction plays first-run Independent movies on a regular basis, and Midnight movies shown Friday and Saturday nights showcase the cult classic B-movies we grew up with. Take a step back in time at this popular Chicago theatre on the North Side of Chicago 

Why We Go: From the huge neon sign announcing its presence outside, to the bright red curtain that remains closed until showtime, and of course the classic film matinees, the Music Box Theatre is pure 1920's vintage, inside and out.

  • Classic Ambiance: The cushy, comfortable seats and old-time theater screen added to the yesteryear ambiance of this famous Chicago theatre, and the old-school popcorn machine still runs like a champ decades later. 
  • Midnight Movies: On any given night, Midnight movies at the Music Box Chicago can range from Speed to The Terminator, to more obscure Grindhouse movies and cult classics you never thought you'd be see on the big screen.
  • Special Events: Chicago events hosted by Music Box Chicago Theatre have included Grease Sing-Alongs, a Rocky Horror Picture Show Ball, and the occasional Hollywood movie premiere.  

Inside Knowledge: Easily the best Chicago movie specials in town, $5 Mondays allow theatre enthusiasts on a budget to enjoy first-run Independent films for the cost of one Lincoln. To quote Chicago native Vince Vaughn, "That's so money, baby!"  

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do Bring a Date: Perfect for a Chicago date night, the Music Box Theatre Chicago will show off your skills as a Chicago "insider" while letting your date know that you're "cultured" enough to withstand a 2-hour foreign film. 
  • Do Beware of Whitey: Alright, there's no need to "fear" the resident ghost of the Music Box Chicago - he seems as friendly as Casper. But legend has it that the spirit of the founder and manager of the Music Box Theatre - "Whitey" - continues to lurk at night in this famous Chicago attraction
  • Don't Expect 3D: The Music Box Chicago gives us the stripped-down Chicago movie theatre experience we didn't know we missed so dearly. No, you won't find Avatar or Transformers at this vintage Chicago theatre - but that's entirely the point. 
  • Don't Forget to Check Showtimes: Don't show up to the Music Box Chicago blind. Their collection of Independent movies may seem obscure to the average movie-goer, so make sure to check the schedule and read up on the award-winning films featured every night at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago.