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Phoenix Restaurant, 2131 S. Archer

Phoenix Restaurant Chinatown, Chicago

Phoenix Restaurant has been voted "Best Chinese Restaurant" three years in a row by

Voted "Best Chinese Restaurant" three years in a row by, Phoenix Restaurant comes highly recommended by both critics and patrons. Unlike other fine restaurants, this establishment is simply furnished; there are no elaborate decorations or elegant furnishings. Instead, attention is paid to the details that truly matter: the food and the service. At Phoenix Restaurant you will receive first-rate service with your tasty meal.

Several waiters are on hand at all times; you never have to search for your waiter. Simply look up and beckon; a waiter will be at your side immediately. Emphasis is placed upon each patron's comfort and satisfaction during the meal.

Try the hot and sour soup to begin your meal; it is delicately flavored and just spicy enough to add a little kick of flavor. After your soup, move on to the lettuce wraps with chicken. These are absolutely delicious; the chicken filling is perfectly seasoned and the lettuce pieces are huge, crisp and fresh. The waiter brings the wraps, chicken filling and sauce to your table and then artfully prepares the wraps for you; this is just one example of the excellent service at Phoenix.

The beef with satay sauce is a slightly spicy dish. It is prepared with tender, high-quality beef that literally melts upon your tongue with every bite. Another must-try is the sweet and sour chicken; the chicken has a crispy outer layer and is drowned in a tangy sauce. The dish is garnished with large chunks of juicy pineapple and slices of green pepper.

Feida Bakery Chinatown Chicago

Feida Bakery in Chinatown

Visit Phoenix for an intimate dinner or a lavish party; Phoenix has a banquet hall that holds 250 guests and a private dining room that seats 10 to 28. Either way, your experience will be infused with flavor and genuine Asian hospitality.

Feida Bakery, 2228 S. Wentworth Ave.

This cozy bakery has dozens of types of pastries; some are traditional Chinese treats while others are more universal. The walnut cake with bean paste is especially delicious, which has a startling flavor at first, but quickly dissolves, leaving a sweet aftertaste. The winter melon cake is a round, flaky pastry filled with Chinese melon paste. It has an almost fruity flavor. Sesame cookies are small balls of dough covered in sesame seeds, and are not too sweet; they make an excellent snack. Other cakes and cookies, such as the baby moon cake or the baby pork cookies, also have paste fillings and are semi-sweet. 

For the less adventurous palates, there are the more common apple turnovers and chocolate cakes with sprinkles at Feida as well.

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Tommy Gun's Garage Located in Near South ArtsyFamily FriendlyHistoricNightlife


Veterans Art Museum Located in Near South ArtsyCulturalHistoricMuseumSights of Chicago



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Chinatown Chicago

Chinatown Hotel SRO is less than 10 miles from Midway Airport

Chinatown Hotel SRO, 214 W. 22nd Pl.

The hotel is a mere one mile from McCormick Place Convention Center, and just four miles from the world famous Shedd Aquarium. Chinatown Hotel SRO is conveniently less than 10 miles from the Chicago Midway Airport, and also under 20 miles from Chicago's famous O'Hare International Airport.

This hotel is modest, with a small but immaculate lobby. Guest rooms include satellite television and free high speed internet access. Hotel amenities include a business center, wake-up calls and a multilingual staff. There is also complimentary coffee in the lobby throughout the day. 

Hospitality is emphasized at this family friendly hotel. Single, double and suite-style rooms are available and rates are very competitive, starting from $80 per night. The Chinatown Hotel is situated right in the heart of the neighborhood, only steps away from Wentworth Avenue. For the most authentic Chinatown experience, this is the hotel to choose.

Chicago Chinatown Street

Chicago Chinatown Street

Chicago Chinatown Tours

Chinatown Chamber of Commerce Walking Tour

The Chinatown Chamber of Commerce offers a one-hour walking tour through the Chinatown neighborhood. Highlights of the tour include several Chinatown landmarks, such as the Nine Dragon Wall, which is adorned with nine dragon sculptures; the Chinatown Mural, depicting Chinese history; Chinatown Square, featuring statues of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac; and Wentworth Avenue, the neighborhood's historic commercial district. Throughout the tour, operators discuss Chinese culture and the history of the Chinese community in Chicago.  This cheap, family friendly tour is perfect for anyone travelling on a budget, and is the best way to see and learn about Chicago's Chinatown. Tours are conducted in English. Cost: $4 per person for private groups. To make a reservation, please call 312.326.5320.

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