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Gourmand Coffee and Teas, 728 S. Dearborn   Map It | No Official Web Site

Printers Row Chicago IL

Printers Row Chicago IL

This cozy little coffeehouse has high ceilings, large windows and plenty of comfy sofas. Bob Dylan plays overhead as you step up to the counter to place your order. Scan the immense blackboard high on the wall behind the counter to check out Gourmand’s array of sandwiches and soups, as well as its large selection of teas and coffees. Lunch is affordable and hearty; a sandwich costs about 7 dollars and there is a freezer filled with ice cream for dessert.

The café is frequented by an assortment of regulars; people linger over their lunch, reading or working long after they’ve finished their food.

The café furthers the feeling of community that is well and alive in Printer’s Row: there is a large bulletin board generously plastered with neighborhood notices, and the walls display paintings and drawings, for sale by local artists. This little coffeehouse is picturesque and charming; be sure to visit. You will feel like part of the family.

Trattoria Caterina, 616 S. Dearborn   Map It | No Official Web Site

Trattoria Caterina feels more like a living room than a restaurant. Walking in the door, you are greeted with a warm, cozy L-shaped room with black and white family pictures on the wall. Dimly lit and boasting only 13 tables, the restaurant is very intimate. Italian opera music plays in the background as you settle into your table and are offered bread, cheese and oil.

Penny, the accented waitress, is friendly and maternal; her recommendations regarding the menu are to be taken very seriously.

The menu itself is full of delicious items; there are several appetizers from which to choose, and the eggplant rolls are one of the best. These rolls, which are simply eggplants stuffed with cheese and covered in marinara sauce, are a must-try at Trattoria Caterina. Complement your appetizer with a Caesar salad; the salads are made in true Italian style, with dark leafy greens and a light, airy Caesar dressing.

If you are in the mood for veal, you will find at least ten veal dishes on the menu; each dish is served with your choice of soup or salad, and we suggest the minestrone soup. This soup is overflowing with fresh vegetables and beans; it is clearly a homemade recipe. If you are not in the mood for veal, the pasta dishes are plentiful and almost any type is available. Each serving is incredibly generous.

For dessert, you can choose from a variety of decadent options. The menu includes pumpkin or chocolate chip cheesecake, canoli, tiramisu, Italian ice in lemonade or watermelon and a huge fudge brownie.

At Trattoria Caterina, the atmosphere lives up to that of the neighborhood; dining here is like being invited to someone’s home for dinner.

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Auditorium Theatre Located in The Loop ArtsyChicago Theater DistrictCulturalFamily FriendlyHistoricNightlifeSights of Chicago


Spertus Institute Located in South Loop Grant ParkCulturalHistoricMuseum



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Chicago Skyline at Night

Chicago Skyline at Night

Independent bookstores have been a part of Printer’s Row for years. The origin of the neighborhood, as the center of Chicago’s printing and publishing industry, can perhaps explain the major presence of bookstores in Printer’s Row.

Printer’s Row Fine and Rare Books, 715 S. Dearborn   Map It | No Official Web Site

This bookstore has signed copies by the likes of T.S. Eliot and Ernest Hemingway. There is a large wooden table in the center of the store, meant for poring over old volumes. The store feels more like a reading room than a bookstore, and is a required visit for anyone who treasures the look and feel of very old books.

Sandmeyer’s Bookstore, 714 S. Dearborn   Map It | Official Web Site

This bookstore has been part of Printer’s Row since 1982. It’s small but spacious and has a large section on books about Chicago history. The owner gives you the feeling he knows everyone in the neighborhood, which could explain the fact that many of the neighborhood patrons consistently choose this small bookstore above the nearby Barnes & Noble.

True, this store does not market itself the way the larger bookstores do, but when you walk on the creaking wooden floor and listen to the soft jazz playing overhead, you realize it does not need to. What brings people in, and keeps them coming back, is the family-owned atmosphere and the dedication to solid inventory.


Buddy Guy’s Legends, 754 S. Wabash   Map It | Official Web Site

This cozy little blues club features live music every night of the week. Some of the musical guests are well-known acts around Chicago, and others are more obscure, but all of them are sure to please even the most exacting blues fans. The interior of the club lives up to the blues-theme; the walls, décor, and even the felt on the pool tables all glow a healthy blue.

As you listen to the music, enjoy some Louisiana-style food; they offer combinations like ribs and greens and catfish soup, as well as dependable burgers and fries.

Cover charges: Sunday through Thursday, $10. Friday and Saturday, $15.

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The Hilton Chicago 720 S. Michigan Avenue   Map It | Official Web Site | Discount Reservations

Chicago Printers Row Illinois

Chicago Printers Row Illinois

This luxury hotel is located on Chicago’s swankiest street, Michigan Avenue. A few minutes’ walk to the Magnificent Mile, Museum Campus, Millennium Park and Lake Michigan, the Hilton Chicago is certainly a wise choice if you want to be in the middle of it all.

Amenities include treadmill-equipped guest rooms and flat screen television sets, as well as high speed internet access in rooms as well as lounges.

Hotel Blake 500 S. Dearborn St.   Map It | Official Web Site | Discount Reservations

Stylish hotel accommodations in downtown Chicago, IL Hotel Blake is ideally located in the heart of Chicago's downtown - neighboring the Art Institute, five blocks from the Sears Tower, and seven blocks from Lake Michigan's shoreline. The Magnificent Mile is just a mile away.

Travelodge 65 E. Harrison   Map It | Official Web Site | Discount Reservations

This small hotel chain is a slightly cheaper option. In the on-season, rates start at $95/night, but the hotel accepts coupons and offers discounts for groups.


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